E307: IGN's Grand Theft Auto IV Demo Impressions

Rockstar has a lot to prove, but today's Take 2 conference delivered something of a delightful surprise for attendees: 3 minutes or so of actual GTA IV gameplay, running on 360 hardware and looking every bit as cool as the initial trailers have suggested.

Despite the presenter's insistence that IV offers "progressive…changes to the series", what IGN saw offered only a glimpse of the most basic gameplay - driving mechanics and walking around - and it all looked very familiar. The demo started off with a black menu screen, which is likely a temporary version, as is much of the user interface. The menu listed, from left to right, 'map', 'game', 'brief', 'stats', 'controls', 'audio' and 'display'.

In an announcement that is sure to drive fans wild, the presenter confirmed that GTA IV's scope and scale is on par with San Andreas - but much more focused and packed with detail. As the game kicked off legitimately, Niko Bellic (lead character) is in the middle of the mock-New York streets, in Times Square. The traffic and most other AI characters are turned off, so it's hauntingly empty. However, the lighting and atmosphere is undeniably hot - it's night time and the hours start to pass, drawing out the sun and showing off the HDR lighting, which is very realistic.

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TheFamilyGuy4023d ago

I'm very excited to hear that the game is the size of San Andreas.
Graphics are sounding good...i just wish they'd release a gameplay video for the public to see.

gta_cb4023d ago

totally agree, also wanna know if there will be a demo available, although i will be buying this without a doubt.

Mycococo4023d ago

i just wished they would release the game already!!! it isnt as big as sanandreas because the wide open areas are not included in the size. all the populated areas in sanandreas combined will be as big as liberty city.