Another Xbox 360 Exclusive from Ubisoft?

Gameguru "Though these rumors continue to persist, we found something that would suggest that the company is working on another Xbox 360 exclusive game (a sequel to Conviction?)."

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Christopher2995d ago

If it is, it'll likely be another timed exclusive.

BattleAxe2995d ago

As long as its not Rainbow Six, I could care less.

B-Real2062995d ago

I would also be disappointed if Rainbow Six went exclusive.

Natsu X FairyTail2995d ago

If they make the Story Mode Longer The game will be better. Can't wait to see what it is.

Niles2995d ago

with deniable ops the game is of a decent length

donstar2995d ago

is but they should have added multiplayer...

Blackfrican2995d ago

You could really tell that some of the conviction levels were recycled from the trashed games with the intended crowd concealment. I did not think these levels worked that well.

IdleLeeSiuLung2995d ago

Did you try any of the other game modes? They are blast!

Hunter and Last Stand are both excellent game modes. I'm finishing up my 1000 achievement score on this game. Only a about handful of achievements left...

Fantastic game!

281219862995d ago

another exclusive for 360....

AngryFork2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

The article forgot to write the word "timed".

As is the case with 98% of all 360 "exclusives".

Alcon Caper2995d ago

that 98% of timed exclusives look better on the 360 anyway...

Christopher2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

So... I shouldn't buy the game on my PS3 because it looks better on the 360 but plays just as well on my PS3? I should be a graphic Nazi? If so, should I only buy PS3 exclusive titles as well?

I agree with the idea that this will more than likely be a timed exclusive only because we know the original will be coming to the PS3 already and it's unlikely that any company with a goal in making money would go exclusive with a sequel without seeing how well it sells on the later-released platform.

BattleAxe2995d ago

@Alcon Caper

If they were able to port KZ2 or Uncharted 2 over to the 360, the 360's mother board would melt within minutes........Give your head a shake.

Blackfrican2995d ago

have relatively average GPUs. The PS3's is slightly better than the 360's however both would be 'economy' cards in a cheap PC. It is like arguing over which ugly girl is prettier. Really, a gaming PC is no more expensive than a new release gaming console nowadays except it has increased versatility. After all, every console generation increasingly resembles PCs. I understand that you need a certain console if you want to play certain games, but some of you seem to care sooooo much about graphics / processing power that I can't help but to suggest that even a budget PC could easily outperform both consoles. Not to mention that today's computers don't age as fast as older computers.

anonymous2995d ago

Blackfrican .... point of fact.. the 360 gpu is actually a generation better. Its the ps3 cpu thats better then the 360 cpu. This is why most multiplatform games look better on a 360. Less work. Its just like a computer... all graphics run off of the graphics processor.

P1NKY2995d ago

Yes the Xbox GPU is better than the PS3's GPU but the CELL is exceptionally good at performing lots of simple calculations "very" quickly. If the CELL is utilised efficiently then the PS3 is quite capable of producing better looking games. Eg. Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2.

The downside however is that it takes longer to develop for and costs more money.

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The Maxx2995d ago

"As is the case with 98% of all 360 "exclusives"."

Then it's still possible that this game could be apart of that 2% right. :)

karl2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

reply fail xD

badz1492995d ago

WTF is wrong with u guys?! btw, why are we still posting crap like this? even I can come out with something as random as this; (dev/publisher) is making another exclusive for (console)? see?

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Forbidden_Darkness2995d ago

Its a TC game for Natal... Pew pew pew ;)

PotNoodle2995d ago

By Xbox 360 exclusive you mean a PC/360 game? Right?

ZombieAutopsy2995d ago

Ha i see what you did their...nice.

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