Ex-Interplay dev: Games have been dumbed down

Most agree that games are easier than they used to be. But one developer reckons modern games have been dumbed down so much that they appeal to the "lowest common denominator".

Matt Findley, president of inXile entertainment, is that developer. "There was a time many years ago when it was okay to have really difficult puzzles that just stopped the player," he told journalists at Bethesda's recent Gamers Day event in France.

"You'd be playing along and you'd hit a brick wall and you had to figure things out or the game was over. Gaming has obviously changed a lot since then. To be fair we've had to dumb games down to the lowest common denominator just so that everyone can always play."

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Lumbo2847d ago

And thats the main reason puzzles today are restricted to "press button A, then button B" or "throw the hat at the gong"

You could sit for days in Monkey Island 2 and try to solve the puzzles in the full mode, but nowadays a game would remove all puzzles more daring than the most simple "put stone block on obvious trigger platform" type. A shame actually, cause a puzzle might give you a different kind of thrill from all the shooting or jumping around.

STEVIE_2847d ago

Simple reason of making games easier is to appeal to more people - which, of course, means more $$$ to the developers.

DiLeCtioN2847d ago

its true, likes of COD are what you call EASY in my books, especially what the online part offers. I mean common, dropping a grenade when you die lmao.

Slient Knight 92847d ago

thats why loved demon souls, it was awake up call from all these easy and short games we have had recently.

dangert122847d ago

The 1st games i completed was nomore hero's on wii then disster day of cryisis now every game i play goes on the hardest setting and if i get stuck its cause of the a.i and not the puzzles i admit gaming has got way easier

happy_gilmore2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

that's why the only hardcore console out there is the ps3

look at sc:c, that game is not a splinter cell game; that's a noob game for bots with adhd and damaged brain cells.

socom4 is on the way and it will utilize the best controls for a shooter, the move.

dangert122847d ago

i beg you play halo games on legendary on yourself
along with crackdown on its hardest level even nintendo games like metroid are hard on the hardest setting

all the console are hardcore/casual depends on what you buy for the console