No 80GB Ps3 model for Europe

Sony will not be cutting the price of the PlayStation 3 in Europe or releasing a 80GB model – instead it will be offering a Starter Pack containing the console, two games and an extra controller for GBP 425

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Bloodmask3845d ago

but I feel bad for European gamers. It seems like they always get the shaft.

Consoles are more expensive and get released later, games come out later, online store games come out later.....Pretty much everything...

I feel for you guys. Hopefully more games and systems wil see wordwide releases more often.

Fisher3393844d ago

As a ps3 owner myself, I never get Sony's logic.

Weird TV Advertising or why they won't just cut the price in Europe.

3844d ago
Vip3r3844d ago

"Don't worry. Europeans are rich. I feel sorry for Africans actually. Do they even get PS3?"

With what's going on in Africa I think they will want to buy other things rather than an expensive games console, don't you?

dontbefoo3845d ago

there getting two games and an extra controller

so thats good....

ITR3844d ago

Not good for early adopters. Same price, but with more (games and controller).

Actually why didn't we get this bundle instead of the 80GB?
At $600 this would be a better deal.

Lord Anubis3844d ago

that could really suck or be embraced. They should get a price cut though :(

Snake_Doctor3844d ago

retailers wont sell the current stock of PS3s at the same price without the games and controllers. IDK how that will work out because i doubt there will just be a bundle available.

MrSwede3844d ago

This sucks.. What about the news that said the opposite? Well I don´t believe this matters. There are many here in Europe who are willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to get their hands on a PS3 which shows already (over a mil sold). I´m not worried!

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The story is too old to be commented.