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Top 5 PS3 Video Game Composers of All Time

Whether you take notice to it or not, music is an intricate part of the video games we play today. It’s music that keeps us motivated and drives us to keep playing; it draws us into the atmosphere of the game. Behind all great video game music, are the composers who leave their mark in video games and in our hearts and minds with their musical scores, forever impacting the overall gaming experience. (PS2, PS3, PSP)

Paradise  +   1944d ago
Love all of these composers
Now this is my dream job.

Although Harry Gregson-Williams got famous for a couple songs but they are pretty fantastic.
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doctorstrange  +   1944d ago
That would definitely be an awesome dream job
Comet  +   1943d ago
Greg Edmonson did a fantastic job with Uncharted 2's score...
I can't help but take another listen ;D

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justpassinggas  +   1943d ago
Mitsuda over the rest.

Uematsu, IMO, is overrated. Listen to the soundtrack from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross and bring tell me any FF game that has a better musical score.
AKS  +   1942d ago
I'm a huge fan of Mitsuda as well, but this is a work of greatness by Uematsu:

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rockleex  +   1942d ago
Mitsuda's music creates a whole world by itself.
Uematsu is great too, but his songs can only set the mood.

But they don't create an atmosphere like Mitsuda's does.

Just play Xenogears, and you'll know what I mean. ^_^
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SaiyanFury  +   1943d ago
Harry Gregson-Williams is brilliant for his work on the Metal Gear Solid series. I love Mitsuda Yoshinori for his brilliant work on Chrono Cross. It, put simply was brilliant. A couple of other brilliant composers are Naruke Michiko for her work on the Wild ARMs series since the PSone, and on the PS2. I also recognise the composers for the King's Field games on PSone and PS2; The company called Sound KIDs Corp. Their two composers Kouji Endou and Kaoru Kono deserve HUGE merit for their work. Some of the most brilliant music composition I've ever heard. The ending theme for King's Field 2 in North America is one of the best ending themes I've ever heard.
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Kurylo3d  +   1942d ago
how are they not going to mention hans zimmer... the man did do the soundtrack for modern warfare 2. As well as many big blockbuster films. He is on the level of harry gregson williams.
cupogoodness  +   1944d ago
Picking a favorite Nobuo Uematsu soundtrack is impossible, especially the middle Final Fantasy titles.
user9422077  +   1944d ago
Agreed with Cupog
rCrysis  +   1943d ago
Nobuo is the best man! His works at Square/Soft were the most beauteous music I've ever heard.

I hope he does another Game OST soon. I'm dying for newer works from him.
coolfool  +   1943d ago
Final Fantasy XIV
He is writing most of the tracks for that.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1943d ago
Such great music. I love FF and MGS music the most personally.
ShOtCall3r33  +   1943d ago
great music great great music
mp1289  +   1943d ago
hans zimmer
from mw2
TANUKI  +   1943d ago
Clicking all those youtube links... those musical scores all gave me goosebumps. That's some [high] quality compositions.
ThatArtGuy  +   1943d ago
I would like to add www.jeremysoule.com to that list.
NamelessTed  +   1943d ago
Seriously? NO!
I am sorry but that headline just shouldn't exist. You just can't have the top 5 PS3 composers "of all time". You can say "Top 5 composers of PS3 titles TO DATE." I am sick and tired of people throwing around the "of all time" phrase all willy nilly. If it was a list of greatest composers of SNES titles, then yes, you could do "of all time" but the PS3 is still part of the current generation.

The second major problem is putting Nobuo Uematsu on the list. He hasn't composed any new music for any PS3 game. That is a fact. No, Final Fantasy XIV doesn't count because the game isn't even close to done and nobody has heard the music.

I am sorry to sound so negative but this is crap.
duplissi  +   1943d ago
lol, yeah totally agree... all time... pft, and why only on the ps3? really its only been out for a little over 3 years why limit yourself to the composers from 3 years on one console when you have more than 20 years spanning all consoles and pcs as well?! hell most games cant even compare to early mario soundtracks.....
RosoTron36  +   1943d ago
Agreed. Although you can't deny the #1 spot...
Final Fantasy XI Music - Ronfaure
NamelessTed  +   1943d ago
Don't get me wrong, Nobuo Uematsu is amazing. He has created some of my favorite music. But if the article is specifically for PS3 games, then he doesn't belong on the list because he hasn't composed any music for any PS3 game. If the list is all games in general, then yes, Uematsu wins.
RosoTron36  +   1943d ago
I completely agree with you. He should've been in a *future considerations* tab.
Don't you just hate these "Top 5" articles sometimes; obviously i'ts not valid until the console lifetime is completely finished and NO more PS3 games are being made. ^^v

+Boobles to you Ted! Well played.
azteca85  +   1943d ago
Nobody agrees in this topics, if so i prefer Kow Otani xD
NeoBasch  +   1943d ago
I personally like Mitsuda more than Uematsu. Now if only Yuki Kaijura would only compose for some new PS3 games. She'd easily make that list.
richard919  +   1943d ago
Harry Gregson-Williams is the best
ia_studio  +   1943d ago
NEW N4G for serious looks awesome!!
Djinn  +   1943d ago
ntin sawhney, greg edmonson, masashi hamauzu, amon tobin
execution17  +   1943d ago
what about Ryuji Sasai, because i'm going to have to say Final Fantasy Mystic Quest had the best final fantasy music, i'd just idly stand there just to listen to the music on how awesome it is
execution17  +   1943d ago
lol didn't see the PS3 part
BkaY  +   1943d ago
THEME OF LAURA... my all time fav..

and reprise .. silent hill 3

and ofcourse MGS, FF .... n list goes on... (i thought i only like "theme of laura") lol

Magnus  +   1943d ago
I like Haruka Shimosuki, Ken Nakagawa, Akira Tsuchiya mixed in with the vocals of Akiko Shikata Ar Tonelico would not have the beautiful music that makes it stand out. If it came down to choosing Uematsu and Mitsuda I couldn't choose I love both their music from Tifa's Theme to June Mermaid both great works of art.
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Rai  +   1943d ago
did nobuo work on a ps3 title? I know he did final fantasy on the ps1 and ps2 but I don't remember him working on a game for the PS3 other then the song for the ps3.
Cajun Chicken  +   1943d ago
I can't BELIEVE this left out Tommy Tallarico.
Syaz1  +   1943d ago
should be a top 10 list
top 5 isn't enough room since there are a lot of talented composers in the video game industry. they left out jack wall and jasper kyd, not to mention the ones composing heavy rain, halo, god of war and gears of war to name some.
C L O U D  +   1943d ago
Ah... Nobuo Uematsu so much great songs he produced and they are not just on the PS3.

I really did enjoy Greg Edmonson work on Uncharted. The song I really enjoyed from the Uncharted francise is "Reunion"

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AKS  +   1942d ago
That was one of my favorite songs between both Uncharted games. It's also great that the audio in the Uncharted games are of such high quality. I have a 7.1 LPCM setup, and it sounds like a feature film. Few people probably realize just how good the audio of the Uncharted games is because they don't have the audio equipment to hear it at max quality. It's the best I've ever heard in a video game.
madpuppy  +   1943d ago
Bill Brown is really good as well
He composes very powerful, emotional orchestrated pieces.

He has done the score for allot of Tom Clancy games. as well as the score for return to castle wolfenstein http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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AliTheBrit19  +   1942d ago
Jesper Kyd = Greatest video game composer ever.

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