RAGE now more stable on PS3 than Xbox 360

PSUNI: iD Software’s RAGE is set to be one of the best looking video games of all time when it finally releases. The studio is targeting a 60 frames-per-second framerate on all platforms, but in 2009 the studio’s head, John Carmack, admitted that the PlayStation 3 version wasn’t up to scratch at only 20-30fps. In 2010, things have changed.

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Jamegohanssj52851d ago

Lol. I like how one article says that it's identical on all platforms, now this one says other wise. Let the fun begin!


Montrealien2851d ago

Yeah, I agree but it seems playstastion university titled it for the fanboy hits ID even clarified the statement on shacknews.

The game’s senior producer said...

“The reason why that was said was, and it should’ve been set up a little more, to really elucidate the fact that we have both platforms running at sixty frames, and they’re both performing really well.
“It’s not like the PS3 is ten times faster than the 360, or the 360 is much better than the PS3. They are different platforms, but we’ve got everything running on both.”

JsonHenry2851d ago

They may look the same but Id (meaning Carmack) stated that they believe the game will perform better on the PS3. Then he went into some technical drivel way over my head about the Nvidia part being better for OpenGL and blah blah blah.

Whether that means the game will have a few more frames per second increase or loading times will be better who knows. But I trust John to make a good game no matter the platform of choice.

techie2851d ago

They've included the quotation from Shacknews. Remember a lot of this news is from a few days ago - N4Gs been down for a while =D

Reibooi2851d ago

After watching feedback last night I have to say I am WAY more excited for RAGE then I was before. It sounds like a incredible game and by all accounts looks absolutely insane. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

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thereapersson2851d ago

I love this new bubble rating system. I voted you "funny", because it's true. I have always wanted this sort of rating system...

THC CELL2851d ago

i agree the old site was way better
i like the faster submitting but the rest is not worth 18 months

thereapersson2851d ago

I think it will just take some getting used to. At least you can reply to every comment here, so they show up instantly in the box.

That said, I do have a soft-spot in my heart for all those years spent on the old site. She will definitely be missed in that regard...

Montrealien2851d ago

yeah, I think this is for the best and it will take some time to get used to it. And the open zone being gone beautiful.

presto7172851d ago

Or will there be swapping

athlon7702851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

states the 360 version was going to be 3 disks but has been compressed into 2.

"There was also some question as to how many DVDs the Xbox 360 version will ship on; two or three. iD has now managed to cram the game onto just two DVDs, but whether this has had any negative effect on the game at all is currently unknown. RAGE releases for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC next year."

sikbeta2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

The Important thing is that the Game will be the same on Both Platform, so there will be no:

"look my consolez is da betterz cuz it runz a [MULTIPLATFORM] Gamez a little bit betterz"

At this point, in this Console Cycle, to say dumb things like that is just... dumb

So, same version for everyone = No Complains

Hallmark Moment2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

So previews have been of the 360 version but at this point the PS3 version is more stable? Doesn't sound right. Seems fishy.

muDD2850d ago

Not once did id devs state "RAGE now more stable on PS3 than Xbox 360"

you guys are crazy... u need help...

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Mo0eY2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

KABOOM. But but but the 60FPS?! I'll take the blu-ray version please.

Montrealien2851d ago

SO if I am getting this right, you presume its the storage that determines the frame rate?

GoodSpeed2851d ago

But I'm pretty sure Mooey is stating that because BOTH systems run at 60 fps then getting the PS3 version on ONE blu-ray is more sensible than disc-swapping on the 360.

heylo2851d ago

textures on DVD9 are compressed and need to be decompressed by the GPU so yes it could be one factor that determines the frame rate

El_Colombiano2851d ago

There is no way this open ended game is on multiple disks. That's absurd.

ThatCanadianGuy2851d ago

Great news for PS3 owners, sucks for the other guys..

Fanb0y2851d ago

Well, it's only performance not actual graphics.

Screenshots will look the same. Xbox players can expect more tearing and frame-rate drops, I'm presuming.

fullmetal1562851d ago

definitely blu ray for me.

Corrwin2851d ago

id Software can. It's been a long time since we've had a game from them, but nobody can doubt the quality of the engines.

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