Edge Review: Modnation Racers

The result is a triumphant toolset attached to a decent stab at the karting genre. Although LBP has the edge in terms of visual charm and broke the ground for this expansive genre, in its details ModNation is not an unworthy successor. Should Play, Create, Share continue expanding, Modnation’s take on it may well be its broadest achievement. It sacrifices a little complexity and depth, but the result is a less intimidating toolset, one that far more people will find easy to use, and far less liable to result in a cluttered hard drive of half-finished masterpieces.

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sinncross2753d ago

This game looks like a lot of fun.

Pennywise2753d ago

Good score from Edge. Does anyone know if N4G still does the average for reviews? I am not seeing it in the review articles.

TheHater2753d ago

Man its good to have N4G back with comments like yours, pretty funny by the way.

Parapraxis2752d ago

Just after the quote up top it says "(ModNation Racers, PS3) "
Click on "ModNation Racers", reviews and the average for the game is to the right.
ModNation Racers is currently @ 8.2 =)


An 8/10 from Edge equals a 9/10 or a 10/10 from anyone else.

Oner2752d ago

@ Parapraxis ~ TY, I was looking for that as well +bubble for being helpful!

DaTruth2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Only when it comes to PS3 exclusives. For 360 exclusives it equals a 6/10!

Finally got my 8th bubble back and now I'm down to three. That's cold!

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FlipMode2753d ago

Damn thats a good score considering its form Egde

WildArmed2752d ago

It's good to see that the gaming media hasn't labeled this game as 'generic.' It was one of my fears that it'd be labeled so for heavily taking from games like LBP and Mario Kart, which is quite an awesome combo I might add.

sikbeta2752d ago

This Game will Be Epic Fun

ModNation Racers FTW!!!

FrankenLife2752d ago

The game does look fun. However, what if this is just the universe trying to be ironic. Is it possible the game is terrible, and Edge(being void of any understanding of games) can't tell the difference?

I really do hope the game is great. I plan on getting it. It just wouldn't surprise me if Edge's score is way off again, just in a different direction.

Jaces2752d ago

Coming from edge that's pretty amazing, not really looking forward to this game but it looks to be something I might pick up in the future.

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DORMIN2753d ago

Can't wait for this game!

don_ninja2753d ago

Very excited for this game now.

BlazeXXL2753d ago

An 8 from Edge? AAA confirmed lol.

DORMIN2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I know right O_o

Kassanova072753d ago

Rofl hell has frozen over.

Nanisimo2753d ago

That was a very smart comment.

Jrome2752d ago

lol my jaw dropped when I saw the score. 2012 anyone XD

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singlung2753d ago

Perhaps edge thinks it`s a multiplatform game?

Calm Down Sunshine2753d ago

Th....They DO know which platform it's on... right?

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The story is too old to be commented.