Rage 'Identical' Across All Platforms

NowGamer: id Software's post-apocalyptic action game will look the same on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 according to developer Tim Willits

Speaking at Bethesda's Gamers Day 2010 vent last week, Willits said: "Graphically all three platforms look the same – there’s some challenges with each of them. The PS3 version right now is most stable."

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Hitman07692660d ago

He's a dirty liar that's not what the father of FPS said.

darkmurder2660d ago

Surely not ID, the kings of PC games this better not be (and I know for a fact it isn't) like with Crysis 2 where they go for consoles first rather than PC then port it over.

Persistantthug2660d ago

Then perhaps you'd be happier. :)

Hitman07692660d ago

John Carmack himself from id software explains the truth:

Bolts2660d ago

Carmack is literally a rocket scientist and once again he tell it like it is. While he admitted that the PS3 architecture is a pain to develop for it's not as limited as 360's lack of Bluray and hard drive. Clearly going from this interview the PS3 is the console version to own.

dj555555552660d ago

Just get the PC version, and how much will i have to spend on a PC to get rage running better than what the PS3 can play it?

ColdFire2660d ago

I suspect about £500, so only £150 more than a normal home PC.

RememberThe3572659d ago

I'm not a PC gamer and of the 2 console versions the PS3 version seems more promising.

I'm not going to spend money I don't have to upgrade my PC for a game I'm going to rent anyway.


ot if you prefer the 360 controller...

ThatCanadianGuy2660d ago

Luckily, controller preferences are subjective.A superior version of a game however, is a fact.

Bolts2660d ago

In which case you get the PC version. The mouse is superior to both and thats a fact.

toaster2660d ago

Why not get the obviously superior PC version, and then use a gamepad? Suit yourself, but I'll be gaming with the grace of mouse and keyboard.


ow is it superior? Quotes, dammit, I need them!!!

TreMillz2660d ago

For like 15 years people have been bussing it out on the DS controllers, and now all of a sudden the controller is bad? Anyways, well if they're identical kudos for all, but I highly doubt they are. Just some PR to make some fans feel better.

ColdFire2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )


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morganfell2660d ago

The very fact that he stated it would look the same on the PC invalidates anything in that statement.

iamgoatman2660d ago

My thoughts exactly.

Sounds more like a clumsy comment though, even the worst of ports look better on PC.

nix2660d ago

oh.. so those recent screen shots are from PC build?

DORMIN2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Wait? Wut?

Shouldn't the PC version be the most stable?

RememberThe3572659d ago

They're probably ironing everything out on the PS3 first since they said it's the hardest platform to work on. I have no doubt that they will be bring the other platforms up speed in the coming months.

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The story is too old to be commented.