Dead Space 2 | Dementia Trailer

Originally launched in 2008, Dead Space quickly became one of EAs top rated wholly-owned intellectual properties. With close to 100 industry awards and an average critic score of 89*, Dead Space became a hit with horror and videogame fans worldwide. In 2009, EA launched Dead Space Extraction, a prequel to the original game and will continue to expand the fiction with its stunning sequel, Dead Space 2

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mantisimo2851d ago

Looking forwards to this one hope they haven't moved too far away from the originals atmospherics and poop inducing shockery!

Christopher2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

The only thing I had a problem with was the Iron Man-esque ending with the mask covering his face. Why? Because it brings back memories of me playing the Iron Man game, and it was a very bad experience for me :p

Otherwise, lots of possibilities with that and I think the voice at the end is the same one of the psychologist asking him the questions at the beginning. I'm wondering if this game will move a bit into mental aspect of horror as well.

presto7172850d ago

I attempted to play Dead Space 1 with earphones on. Almost had a heart attack. That game will scare the amour off even the hardest of gamers. I hope Dead Space 2 will be even scarier.

Darkfocus2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I loved dead space it started pretty scary too, all though that kind of wore off once you became an unstoppable tank so hopefully the second one stays challenging and scary all the way through.

ThanatosDMC2850d ago

Yeah, looks like they're gonna put more story behind Isaac but i hope it looks dark and sinister as the first.

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PS360PCROCKS2851d ago

Price check on aisle BOOM! Sorry, I love Dead Space! :)

PS360WII2850d ago

whoo Dead Space! So Clark is insane now wonder if he'll be the good guy in his head while really being the bad guy

frankymv2850d ago

pretty awesome on all fronts

PopEmUp2850d ago

why I can't comment or open up the main N4g news? and while at it. why everyone is on 3 bubbles including me lol

Back on topic

the game look promising, can't wait for it arrival :D

micro_invader2850d ago

I'm pretty sure they reset the bubbles so everyone is on the same page for the new site. A new chance at N4G life :P

On the teaser, definitely an interesting one. Although some what was being shown was from the first game. I guess it's all of Isaac's flashbacks, illustrating to us how fucked up in the head he's become since Ishimura. I like that.

And Isaac's new suit. I like that as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.