THQ CEO: Move & Natal games shouldn't be ports

Later in the call, however, Farrell did not entirely rule out ports of Wii games for PlayStation Move. When asked about the possibility of "Moving" games like De Blob (future iterations of which have been confirmed as multiplatform), Farrell said that THQ would "take advantage where we can in terms of development environments [and] take advantage of technology we already have," though he noted that because of the HD capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PS3, "just porting over those assets doesn't work." We'll see what THQ is developing with the new technologies next month, as Farrell said, "you'll like what we show at E3."

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sinncross2815d ago

I am a bit concerned about the part:
'development costs for Natal and Move games were lower than on traditional games, "because, again, it's not about the technology, but it's about the gameplay'

While I understand that gameplay is the most important factor of a game this seems to imply that THQ won't bother trying to create the blockbuster titles on either the Natal or Move.

SpoonyRedMage2815d ago

but THQ have only made two worthwhile games for the Wii anyway and De Blob 2 IS multiplatform.

Teehee2815d ago

But I WANT to play Wii-ports in HD with motion controls.