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As a brand to sell games on, Play, Create, Share always felt a little hollow with only LittleBigPlanet to pin it on. Now Sony has ModNation Racers to add to this new genre it’s trying to pioneer; a genre that holds all the promise of this generation in terms of player interactivity and community building. After bursting onto the scene in some style last summer during the games conventions and then impressing many with an open beta test earlier in the year, it’s fair to say much of the promise that Play, Create, Share suggested seems to have been fulfilled by ModNation Racers.

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Mo0eY2873d ago

Nice score. Go ModNation Racers go!

hay2873d ago

Yup, gonna get it for sure. It's fun as hell solo, must be more fun in split screen.

Mo0eY2873d ago

I know, man. That's the main reason I'm getting it. Splint-screen games are so much better because your buddies can come over and join in. Then they can slam the controllers and punch you in the arm when you own them. Good times.

rambi802873d ago

i had sooo much fun with LBP online - i cant wait for this

Lord_Ranos2873d ago

Modnation Racers score 9/10 from NowGamer.
Alan Wake score 6.8/10 from NowGamer.


Xulap2873d ago

I don't get it.
Why do you have to compare two completely different games on two different platforms?

Let's all enjoy it by what it is on it's own. Forget if it's better or worse than X game.

Sarcasm2873d ago

Two completely different games... Im going to rent alan wake and buy modnation though.

Jrome2873d ago

I still think Alan Wake will be a great game regardless of the scores.

Modnation Racers day 1 :)

amilimos2873d ago

when i was on the beta were the loading times and apparently, based on some reviews I've read they barely fixed "THAT" so I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping they release a launch-day patch to fix that.

The loading was HORRIFIC i tell you. Apart from that, they game played AWESOME

Numark2873d ago

This looks like a great game. Have fun ps3 owners

zoks3102873d ago

I remember back in the day on the PS1, there was like a flood of cart racing games for the system. Me and my cousins would rent and play as much of them as we could over the weekends. MNR will surly bring back some of those fun memories.

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The story is too old to be commented.