Tecmo Koei: Ninja Gaiden 3 Will Be “Spectacular”

PSLS: "The Ninja Gaiden series has always been a great one, and who has always been there at the helm? None other than video game designer Tomonobu Itagaki. However, now that Itagaki has left developer Team Ninja, fans of the series have been fearing the worst for the series fate. Need not worry though, as Tecmo Koei is expecting Team Ninja to do extremely well with the forthcoming Ninja Gaiden 3."

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3028d ago

I hope they show something in E3! And now that Itagaki's gone I believe that Team Ninja will swallow their pride and will be inpired by newer awesome games like Bayonetta or GOW3 because the formula on Ninja Gaiden's getting kinda old.

The first game was very innovative but that was in the old Xbox/PS2/GC days...

Bluemaster773028d ago

Wait wait wait you say the Ninja Gaiden formula is old and then say that GOW3 cmon the game was great but is was litterally no different from the other two besides the visuals

darthv723028d ago

if they bring it out on both ps3 and 360 then what will happen to the better "sigma" version? Maybe it will be a collectors edition but for ps3 only or ps3 and 360?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

GOW it's more than just a hack & slash. The game has an incredible story, art style, pace, graphics, characters, music. It has amazing boss battles, puzzles and it presents the greek mythology as brutal and violent as it really is.

While NG has an ultra cheezy story, boss battles that are no fun (statue of liberty anyone? more like a pain in the ass), horrible camera, silly characters, etc. The pace and storytelling are so bad that half of the time you don't even remember how you got there or WTH are you doing there. The game needs some serious improvements because as amazing as it is the NG battle system, it simply cannot compete with either Bayonetta nor GOW as a game.

And because of the new limit of characters in N4G I cannot write more but if you read the link below and try to use your head a little you'll understand my point easily. http://www.totalvideogames....

Hotel_Moscow3028d ago

so switching weapons mid combo is not different from gow2

jetlian3027d ago

people on here are tripping. NG is the best hack and slash game on the market. bayonetta is the closet to it. Gow is the weakest of all the major H/S games. The camera is fine too I never had problems with it. GOW doesn't even let you use a camera.

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Jamegohanssj53028d ago

Time to show these mofo's what a hack n slash game is all aboot.


xino3028d ago

Bayonetta's gameplay is still the best

Sunny_D3028d ago

Without Itagkai, it will mean no blood and gore or large breats.:( Just kidding!

badz1493028d ago

but don't you worry about the boobs! NGS2 has sixaxis boob jingle and the new one will possibly have it too! - I don't know how will they get it to work with 360 though! natal maybe?

mikeslemonade3028d ago

These Ninja Gaiden games are pretty solid. They never fail to keep me entertained. There's lots of room for improvement for these games though.

SaiyanFury3028d ago

I wouldn't mind a new NG game. I loved Sigmas 1 and 2, and I loved NG2 as well.

Solidus187-SCMilk3027d ago

They are my favorite hack-n-slash games. Loved NG 1, sigma, and 2 so ill defiantly try this one out.

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Christopher3028d ago

And same time release for 360/PS3, please. It's a pain waiting for the Sigma version.

badz1493028d ago

minus the blood, it's the better version! boobs jingle FTW!! :P

Natsu X FairyTail3028d ago

I like the series. My new fav is Bayonetta but I hope they make something Crazy.

Alcohog3028d ago

Now that Itagaki has left, I'm sure it will be.

Homicide3028d ago

Itagaki is the reason why Ninja Gaiden is so awesome. I can't wait for his new game; I heard he played Bayonetta and possibly enjoyed it, so he's going to try a lot harder to top Bayonetta.

Arnon3028d ago

Seriously. Itagaki created the next-gen Ninja Gaiden franchise. It's the reason why it's so hectic. Now, they're going to cut out all the goodies.

TheHater3028d ago

As much as I like the combat in Ninja Gaiden (best out there) everything else is way below average. Hopefully they can create a compiling story and a single player worth playing. The really need to "reboot" this franchise with a story and/or characters worth remembering after finish the games.

Darkstorn3028d ago

Agreed. Ninja Gaiden's combat IS the best out there (superior to DMC and even GoW in my opinion), but the story is awful, the environments are static, and the characters are vapid.
That being said, I'm still a big fan of the series and hope that NG3 will top the spectacular original.

hmmmm3028d ago

The fighting system is much too awesome in NG games! Everything is so fluid and fast and if you make a mistake it punishes you!

Solidus187-SCMilk3027d ago

97% of all games have HORRIBLY STUPID Stories. I dont get why NG always gets ragged on for story when its not the type of game that would have a great story.

Other games always get free passes on story but not NG.