Nier Reviewed by PSTurkiye

PST writes;

''Nier is a wannabe which tries to be like every game. It is an action-RPG at it's core. But you can see different game types in Nier. Sometimes, it transforms into a oldschool 2D platform. With the help of some magics, it can be easily called as a shooter. Also, the game puts you in a free world (sandbox, right?). It is good to see that the game is trying to reach every type of gamer but sometimes it is drowning in it's own pool. Nier loses his identity, lack of originality rises.

Nier has a good and deep story. You can easily understand the characters' problems. Graphically, this game is out of date. When you first see it, you can think this is a PS2 game. Average character animations and modelling, bad textures and unoriginal locations really hurt the game.

Presentation: 7.6 / 10
Story: 8.5 / 10
Graphics: 7 / 10
Gameplay: 8 / 10
Sound: 8.6 / 10
GENERAL: 7.9 / 10

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