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5 RPGs That We Want on the PS3

There have been many great Role-Playing Games that have graced Sony’s hardware over the years, and sadly, some of these have hit like a storm and then disappeared. With some RPG momentum finally picking up on the PS3, now is a good time for some series to make their return to Sony’s platform. (PS3, PSP)

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cupogoodness  +   1731d ago
"Valkyria Chronicles 2

This game is coming out for the PSP, but honestly it should be hitting the PS3 as well."

poindat  +   1731d ago
I don't understand the premise of transitioning a proper sequel from console to handheld. This is going to cut off many consumers who enjoyed the first but don't own a PSP or hardly do any handheld gaming.

If Sony wants to promote the PSP, by all means allow the development of a spin-off/transitional game, but the series proper, including the fully-fledged sequel should remain on the entertainment medium that the original was conceived.
ps360owner09  +   1730d ago
It makes perfect sense to me
The first game didn't sale that well and this type of game sells the best in japan where portables are popular and the psp has almost three times the install base of the ps3. Even if you want to talk about overall install base the psp is 55+ million and the ps3 is 35 million which is a 20 millon lead.

Look at metal gear solid peace walker (aka metal gear solid 5 according to kojima) in japan it sold more in its debut than metal gear solid 4 so plenty of people are willing to play sequels on a portable.
presto717  +   1730d ago
Didn't they already announce persona 5 for ps3?
FragGen  +   1730d ago
"I don't understand the premise of transitioning a proper sequel from console to handheld. This is going to cut off many consumers who enjoyed the first but don't own a PSP or hardly do any handheld gaming."

The PSP PWNs in Japan which is where JRPGs live or die. Since everyone owns a PSP and spends half there life on mass transit or in itty bitty apartments a portable version makes insane amounts of sense. Just not to an American.

The PSP install base is bigger than the PS3 install base there, IIRC.
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Redempteur  +   1730d ago
it's about exploiting a console ..franchises should be on a console where you can work new ideas on ...i don't mind VC2 of MGS PW as they add new ideas in the mix ... and besides a psp ( is cheap these days )
SasanovaS1987  +   1730d ago
new breath of fire plz
RedPawn  +   1730d ago
Rock Lee
There might not be enough content in this VC2, to warrant a PS3 sequel just yet. Hopefully if they do a 3rd that will jump back to the PS3.
Christopher  +   1730d ago
Did we just suddenly forget all about WRPGs?

- Mass Effect 1-3
- The Witcher 2
- Elder Scrolls VI

Not to say that some of those aren't desired... but only two of those would be in my top 5 right now. PS3 really is lacking in WRPGs, IMHO, compared to other RPGs.
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dipsetboy17   1730d ago | Spam
Christopher  +   1730d ago
What BS?

WRPG on the PS3 right now:
Fallout 3
Dragon Age
Dragon Age: Awakening

Upcoming WRPGs:

Alpha Protocol
Fallout: New Vegas

How is my want/concern for the overall lack of WRPGs BS considering how many more JRPGs I can list? Unless by BS you mean my opinion... which seems right now to be attached to JRPGs around here for the most part.
Anon7349  +   1730d ago
@cgoodno Get a PC
Western RPGs always suck on consoles anyways.

Mass effect 1/2? Way better on PC.

Dragon Age? It's Garbage on consoles.

The Witcher? PC game.

Elder Scrolls? Oblivion sucked in general(Open world is just the same few tiles repeated, Lvling system was broken, ect), it was only good if you modded it... on PC.

PS is known for it's JRPGs, not it's WRPGs, that's always been a PC thing.

Just upgrade your PC, or buy a new one. Remember it's much cheaper to make your own and not buy a pre-built one.
Christopher  +   1729d ago
I own a nice PC and I play RPGs on it.

I own dragon age and ME for the console. And, yeah, they're not as nice looking, but the storylines are just as good and I'd rather play from my couch with a controller than in my office chair with a keyboard and mouse. And, yeah, I know I can hook my PC up to my TV, try getting that past my wife, though.

As far as PC being better, at least graphically? That's true of all games, but I don't see people telling me to get a PC when it comes to other genres of games. So, don't think that makes for a very good reason to not want WRPGs on the console.

Don't see the issue with the want for more and better WRPGs on my console in addition to JRPGs.
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Obama  +   1730d ago
The first game sold more than Lost Odyssey on the 360, and that game was perceived as having good sales.
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Noctis Aftermath  +   1730d ago
I've never played a persona game but i am interested in it, i hope P5 releases on the ps3 cause then i can try it out.

Also i really hope we see ALOT more RPGs(both W and J) revealed this year, they don't have to release this year, i just want to know that the games are actually being worked on, as a gamer who prefers RPGs i feel like i've been given the finger this gen concerning console RPGs.
SaiyanFury  +   1730d ago
To be honest, Suikoden 6 is the most desired for me. Dark Cloud is good, and Legend of Dragoon is legendary, but I think one of the most defining RPG series on a PS platform is Suikoden. What RPGamer doesn't love the series? Suikoden V was undoubtedly the longest in the series. Lord knows I spent about 130 hours completing it, and I DID get all 108 characters. But I've been waiting for the new iteration since V came out several years ago. Come on Konami, get the lead out!
user9422077  +   1731d ago
Still, can't wait for it to arrive in the west.
DJexs  +   1731d ago
I would kill for a new Legend of the dragoon game. Heck I would be happy with a remake. I think I'm going to have to hunt down the original now lol.
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   1731d ago
Me too! Would also love a new Suikoden game too..
Keele  +   1731d ago
Suikoden, yes. Legend of the Dragoon, no.
bakagaijin78  +   1731d ago
Can't wait for Persona 5! As long as its not on a portable system I'll be happy.
Lelouch V Brit  +   1730d ago
Agree, We need Persona 5 For PS3.
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1731d ago
MegaMan Legends 3
Keele  +   1731d ago
Nvm, got that one wrong.

I thought that it was a platformer.
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Jerk120   1731d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
meluvulongtime  +   1731d ago
Dark Cloud 3 would be great. I really wish VC2 was coming to PS3. I really loved the first one. I just don't get the point of putting it on PSP
Myst  +   1731d ago
I don't think I can really disagree with this list. I'd pretty much like to see all of these games come to the PS3.
Jerk120  +   1731d ago
One can dream..

It's not like the Xbox360 where.. dreams come true.
PS360WII  +   1731d ago
I'd like to list Breath of Fire as well... though I suppose I'd just like to see it be made to begin with

Nice to see The Legend of Dragoon 2 on the wish list :) shame it's been so long since the first
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bigrob123  +   1731d ago
agree with PS360WII
love for a new Breath of Fire for ps3
Eizet  +   1730d ago
The only good DBZ game
Dragonball Z SuperSaiyan Dentsetsu or whatever way its written that was on the snes xD

and Breath of Fire 2!

(final fantasy 7 remake now, dont let the series die without a proper redemption SE =/ )
Gun_Senshi  +   1730d ago
How can people forget about Xenogears?! Its one of the best JRPGs up there with Chrono Trigger.
Djinn  +   1730d ago
Persona 3 wasn't a very good rpg. It was linear and there was only ONE area to explore. And then you add in all the stupid high school crap and getting tired when your trying to train. I don't see why it get so much praise and something like FFXII gets destroyed.
Corrwin  +   1730d ago
Mass Effect 1 and 2 left off the list
Surely I'm not the only one that wants these to make the jump?
Godmars290  +   1730d ago
I'd rather see a ME "rip-off." A game with ship-to-ship combat and exploration, not just something that was a shooter.
Corrwin  +   1730d ago
Actually - yeah - so would I!

Bring on Elite 4!
BlackIceJoe  +   1730d ago
I agree with wanting Dark Cloud 3. Dark Cloud is such a great series. Valkyria Chronicles I want to see back on the PS3. But I would not want Valkyria Chronicles 2. Why because I would not want just better graphics. It would be better to make VC3 instead. The Legend of Dragoon 2 would be an awesome game to bring out. Persona 5 on the PS3 would be cool & Suikoden VI I so want to play. I wish Konami would make a new one soon.
foxxy  +   1730d ago
I loved final fantasy 12 and nothing anyone will say will change my mind.
Baka-akaB  +   1730d ago
I love persona too , but i wanted to see Shin megami tensei 4 before persona 5 .
The team has been releasing persona non stop , and megaten 4 is long overdue .Plus it would give enough time to properly polish and change p5 , instead of just porting the p3-4 system on next gen engines
zatrox  +   1730d ago
SMT Strange Journey is considered SMT 4, they just didn't put "SMT 4 Strange journey" Because they aimed for a global market this time, and we didn't got to see SMT 1 and 2 here in the US.
Homicide  +   1730d ago
I would love to see another game like Nocturne. Sadly, Strange Journey doesn't match the brilliance of Nocturne.
ps360owner09  +   1730d ago
I would like to see all of those games on the ps3
I would also like to see mega man legends and parasite eve 3.
Godmars290  +   1730d ago
Parasite 3 is PSP
And looking at Xenoblade, as a PS3-only owner I find myself both jealous and confused that a JRPG of that suggested immersion hasn't been made on a HD console. Be it the PS3 or 360.

And FFXIII, I'm looking at you!

Related video
Dmd  +   1730d ago
Never played any suikoden or persona games, so the ps3 would make an amazing place to start! Dark Cloud 3 would be great as well! And bring Valkyria Chronicles to the ps3, not psp, comon!

You know what I also miss? Grandia and Skys of Arcadia. Wouldn't it be grand to have those on the current gen? I think it would!
Lifewish  +   1730d ago
yes a new Grandia game would be awesome
Relientk77  +   1730d ago
Grandia is the most underrated RPG series pretty much ever

and has one of the best RPG battle systems of all time
unworthyBOZO  +   1730d ago
Persona that's all I want.
JeepGamer  +   1730d ago
A perfect list if ever there was one.
Lifewish  +   1730d ago
why thank you, i tend to agree that the list is pretty close to perfection :)
Enigma_2099  +   1728d ago
I'm torn...
... and that's only because if the endboss of the game is anything like the one in the 2nd game...

zatrox  +   1730d ago
I also want a Xenogears remake...please?
bangoskank  +   1730d ago
I'd like to see the rare original RPG that redefines the genre but we really need a direct sequel to Suikoden III, a current gen Panzer Dragoon Saga, and Skies of Arcadia II.
Relientk77  +   1730d ago
Grandia 4
Brave Fencer Musashi 2 (kinda, a GOOD sequel that is)
Legend of Dragoon 2
Rogue Galaxy 2
Breath of Fire 6

*and F**K yes to the guy above me Skies of Arcadia 2
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MetalFreakMike  +   1730d ago
Your reading my mind man. Those were all great games and need a remake. I just hope they think of these things and bring them to this current gen consoles and not 5 years down the road.
dipsetboy17   1730d ago | Spam
kiddster58  +   1730d ago
Xenogear remake
I would love a xenogear remake also only on one condition though
Monolith soft buys the rights to it and square produce it. Reason being
is because the creators of xenogears quit afterward to start monolith soft
Dmd  +   1730d ago
The day that Demon's Soul 2 get its well deserved announcement will be a very sweet day for me. If the first one is that good, just imagine how it would be improved!
seifer085  +   1730d ago
I still want Tov
to make it to the US for ps3.
Magnus  +   1730d ago
I want Wild Arms 6 to come to the PS3 and bring out Tales of Vesperia for North America.
overlord  +   1730d ago
I can only speak for myself but I want SHENMUE for the Ps3. OMG, as great a game as it was on dreamcast. It wold be a killer on ps3 (if your in to self developed RPG/Action/Adventures game).
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