Top 5 Current PlayStation Mascots

Over the years, many have wondered what the official mascot is for the PlayStation brand. While Sony has never stuck to one exclusive character as the face of their console platforms, Mario, Master Chief and Sonic have respectively been the mascots for the competing platforms. The fact of the matter is that the PlayStation brand covers a much wider range of audiences and genres than the competition, so pinpointing one character to be the face of such a successful brand seems counter-productive. However, there is no denying that there are several PlayStation characters who have not only made a huge impact on the PlayStation brand, but also the gaming industry as a whole.

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WildArmed2845d ago

Regardless of Solid Snake not being a playstation exclusive character, he'd probably represent the essence of why I love the PS universe.

Without Solid Snake, there wouldn't be a Ps3 lover here.


sikbeta2845d ago

Good point, but Playstation is a Recognizable Brand, much known for the Amount of Character of the Games you can Play on the Playstation Consoles, totally Different thing compared to Nintendo, whereas there are a lot of recognizable characters from those games on the Nintendo consoles

user94220772845d ago

Agreed. Solid Snake is at the top

Davoh2846d ago

PlayStation never really had a main mascot which is why Sackboy is the perfect mascot on account of his many costumes and appearances.

zootang2845d ago

Well thought! I never looked at it like that. I never really liked sackboy as a mascot but i have to say you have changed my mind :)

Teehee2846d ago

List is missing Helghast.

Socomer 19792845d ago

Gabriel Logan.

This guy needs to Return.

bigrob1232845d ago

really hope the new game will be shown at e3

evildeli2845d ago

Syphon Filter used to rock

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