PS3 and PSP Decimate Competition In Japan

MediaCreate’s latest hardware numbers are in and, as is becoming the norm, the PlayStation brand is taking top honors in what appears to be a landslide.

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hakis862907d ago

But I have a PSP Go :-$

I kind of regret buying it (last year), should have waited till Sony releases PSP2 (this year maybe? E3 anyone?)

Good numbers for Sony in Japan though :-) I think they are doing well in the EU...
How are they doing in the US?

TheHardware2907d ago

really that bad? I was thinking of picking one up...but I think your post says it all

@post, seem like sony is picking up the slack from its bad launch..

sikbeta2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

2 Real Bad things about the PSP-GO are, #1: The Price + The Price of the Games, "considering" that you don't have a Physical Game and #2: still doesn't have the same "support" [Games] compared to the PSP

So, at this Moment [close to the E3] is better to Wait for the PSP2 announcement or buy an standard PSP

yoshiroaka2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

The psp is still a good investment but buy a psp-3000 not a psp-go.

EDIT: i doubt they are going to announce a psp2 this year but yea its still would make sense to wait and make sure tho. You never now.

ThanatosDMC2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

PSP Go is not that bad. Portability is a huge plus compared to the older models but yeah most PSN games cost a lot compared to the prices you could buy them from gamestop or the like but there are PSN games that are getting permanent price reductions almost every week.

Almost all new games are also released on the PSN too. Cant wait for MGS:PW!

Oh yeah, sometimes usually drops the price of PSP GO (white) by $50-$75. Though the more famous black color almost always stays the same. At fry's electronics the PSP GO's price is always at $229.99.

Ju2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

I got a PSPGo and I have never played any PSP like the Go. Size alone is what does it for me. No UMDs, just easy to put in to your pocket and play whenever you want.

Price is possibly the biggest thing here, and people still have no clue how to use the PSN to buy games.

That said, I never regretted to have bought one, in fact, it's the only PSP I really play.

Redlogic2906d ago

I got a PSPgo strictly because of the size and the fact I don't have to lug around UMD's..its great for when I'm on lunch break at work and wanna sneak in some MLB the Show '10. Yes its expensive, but for some people the portability outweighs the price. Also, the instant Save feature is the best invention for a handheld eva!! I never understood why people wanna bad mouth a electronic device, if you don't like it fair enuff, but don't ruin other peoples enthusiasm.

Pennywise2906d ago

It wouldn't be embarrassing if Sony would release their library in digital... I don't know why they would release the pspGO and not support it 100%.

FragGen2906d ago

I've got four PSPs one day one 1000 and 3 2000's... Obviously I'm a fan. That said, I may pick up a Go now that I have built up a significant amount of PSN purchases. I think Sony want to forge ahead with the downloadable "app" paradigm.

The only reason I'm holding back is to see what happens @ E3 with the PSP2/phone rumors. Obviously, that'd probably be a day one for a major PSP guy like myself. :)

zorglub2906d ago

I have a PSP Go and I love it. Portable, sexy, light, with a marvelous screen.

The ultimate handheld.

ThanatosDMC2906d ago

I kinda actually want to pry it open and add some LED lights like on some youtube videos. I really wish they came out with a Red PSP Go like the Red PSP Slims.

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cmrbe2907d ago

Yes the PS3 and PSP are doing well in Japan but its stupid to say they are blowing Nin away. That will only happen when the PS3 reaches 199.

sikbeta2907d ago

Yes, Story will repeat itself.

Barbapapa2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

sony's sales didn't increase that much its just that Nintendo are having a slump, people are w8ing for the 3DS that is probably the reason why even the ps3 outsold the ds.

secksi-killer2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

this playstationlifestyle. they write the crappiest cheerleading articles, and are a site that love sales.

lol @ the 360s numbers.

secksi-killer2906d ago

this playstationlifestyle. they write the crappiest cheerleading articles, and are a site that love sales.

lol @ the 360s numbers.

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morkendo2907d ago

and that wont take long cmrbe give sony next year ps3 will be 199.00

asdr3wsfas2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Watch Sony "decimate."

PS3: 25,629 units sold
- Wii: 23,691 units sold
= 1,938 more ps3s than wiis

DSi XL: 16,676 units sold
+ DSi: 10,640 units sold
+ DS Lite: 2,789 units sold
= 30,105 total DS models sold

PSP: 28,758 units sold
+ PSPGo: 1,544 units sold
= 30,302 total PSP models sold

30,302 total PSP models sold
- 30,105 total DS models sold
= 197 more PSP models than DS models sold (with a new nintendo handheld coming out this year)

PS3 outsells Wii by less than 2k and PSP outsells DS by 197 in Japan over 6 days. Total domination. You keep this up and PS3 might turn this around in several decades (do the calculation). 30 year life cycle baby!

Why do we link blogs that can't even add for sales analysis? This is on the level of a middle school word problem.

God I missed this place.

FinalomegaS2907d ago

let's look at it this way>
"PS3 and PSP Decimate Competition In Japan"
from which website>
" t +"

you know this is the same old sales like before, nintendos consoles selling at a min during the year with no big release while the PS brand has a consistent amount of big names but don't count your chickens before they hatch. We know all it takes is one or 2 games on the wii or ds and it'll be set a blaze again.

Would be funny their is a Japanese version os let's dance.

but ya, under 2k is a major stomping =/

Bungie_only_on_PS32906d ago

Yet 360 sold 2k, and PS3 outsold it 10:1

So yet, 360 was decimated.

asdr3wsfas2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

The title is ps3 and psp decimate "competition" and the sales numbers include nintendo systems. If it just said xbox I'd understand and agree, but even then it's not news given xbox doesn't sell in Japan and never has.

I get that it's on ps lifestyle, it's just so old to see this crap here. And why would we give hits to someone like this? I'm a [email protected] former math major who is studying for actuary exams and this claim is completely ridiculous. It would get you laughed out of any meeting if you worked for these companies.

Seriously, I have all 3 systems and I'm not going to trump sales up when simple addition would make me look foolish. I like ME and ME2 and LBP, but if the system they're on sells a certain amount I don't care at all. What bothers me is giving hits to a moron site like this that is posting information in a form that's next to useless. Unless people here look at numbers and add/analyze them they are going to walk away stupider. These are good skills to learn if you want to have any real financial success in life.

The sad part is I love the ps3 and play it more than xbox, which I only use for shmups and ME/ME2. The wii is my favorite but it doesn't have the same games as the ps3. I don't care who wins as long as I get to play video games. But if someone on a moron website wants to act knowledgeable about "the industry," I suggest they learn critical thinking skills and math. You literally can't understand earning statements (hence how these companies are doing) without it.

zorglub2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

@oobob : wow what a wall of text...

You're missing the point. PS3 competition was never the Wii, it's the other HD console (Xbox 360) which plays core games.

Wii definitely doesn't compete with 360 / PS3 HD twins, the consumers aren't even the same at all. Wii is mostly played by casual gamers (including grandmas and young kids), the 360 / PS3 is played by core gamers. Look, any core game doesn't sell at all on Wii.

So the PS3 definitely trounces competition 10:1.

As for the PSP, I somehow agree with you, but even there, the DS is not targetting the same crowd at all, it's also a casual device. The PSP has no real competition in the handheld core market segment...

It's like apples and oranges seriously...

Seferoth752906d ago

@Zorg, No its comparing consoles to consoles. If it wasnt for the Move you may have had a point but Sony has gone out of their way to prove they are competing with Wii.

Keep up the denial though. THe industry doesnt show blind devotion so when its all said and done Wii will be the winner regardless of certain childish opinions.

zorglub2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Nobody cares about the Wii, man. It's not even HD. It's a toy for grandmas and kids.

Be real. I don't say it's a bad console, but you're comparing apples and oranges. Wii is not a competitor to PS3 / 360, stop dreaming.

@below : there ARE a few core games on Wii but outside of Nintendo they don't sell at all (see madworld, or even monster hunter tri compared to PSP version...). To be a HD console competitor and bring the core gamer crowd, Wii would need to output far better graphics / sound.

No offense, but really, no... My grandma has got a Wii she doesn't care about the PS3/360, but gamers mostly have PS3/360 and don't care about jumping in front on their TV playing with graphics from the eighties. Just no.

asdr3wsfas2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

"You're missing the point. PS3 competition was never the Wii, it's the other HD console (Xbox 360) which plays core games."

Sixaxis and move are both direct and explicit attempts to compete with the wii market.

Are you saying nintendo fans don't play ps3 or HD games? How about Monster Hunter 3? The game that used to be on Sony consoles that sold 1mil+?

Core games don't sell on wii? Like MH3, COD: MW, RE4, two of which were ports that came years late. Tastunoko vs Capcom outsold blazblue and tons of other core fighters, NMH outsold blazblue and broke half a mil on no funding at all. Look at the textures in NMH sometime. Most of these games have no budget and/or are ports that come years late with no ads. They still break a million. MH3 is the first third-party wii game with decent funding and development and they moved it from ps3 to save money.

NSMB: Wii is harder than any "core" game you wanna name buddy. You must be real new to gaming to think metroid and zelda and mario are casual.

Mahr2906d ago

"Nobody cares about the Wii, man. It's not even HD."

Well, considering there were 140+ million gamers who owned/own a PS2 and only about half of those own a PS3 or a 360, nobody really cares about HD, either.

"(even monster hunter tri compared to PSP version...)"

Right, people would rather play games on a 4-inch screen than an actual television set. I'm not certain what you're really trying to prove there.

EvilTwin2906d ago

There you go, bob...makin' sense again.

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Austin_SJ2906d ago

What about PS2, and its lifetime sales.

N4g_null2906d ago

Who? new gamers will come to gaming and you know the next gen system will be their first system and guess what they will not care about the PS2s massive numbers. What they will ask is where the games are. No one buys a new care based on car sales, and even if they are not selling like hot cakes it's up to the business to figure out how to turn a profit and keep on moving not fanboys.

Remember those sale don't count because we all bought 2-4 consoles during that period. Ms did the same thing and is in second place because of it. Take all of those system re-purchases away and you have the true number. Here is another idea. If the PS2 sale where true then where did all the hardcore gamers go? Or where they simply not hardcore gamers to begin with?

Gr812906d ago

There you are! (track) lol. Saved me from typing a wall of text. haha.

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zoks3102907d ago

That's a funny pic they have up on the website. But it looks to me like all the major sold upwards of 20k , which is not bad.

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