Fueling the Fire: A GDC Retrospective

George Kokoris writes for OneLastContinue:

This year marked my third trip to GDC, and I can now say with absolute certainty that my favorite week of the year becomes more wonderful every time. When I first came to the Moscone Center in 2008, I had spent almost a year working as Atari Inc.’s in-house video editor, and was completing my transition from the film industry to the game industry. David Geudelekian, a producer at Atari and one of my closest friends, saw to it that I was introduced to many of the independent developers at the Indie Games Summit, and I knew from the moment I entered that world that this was where I belonged. Indie games had yet to reach critical mass, and the summit was a scrappy, passionate affair, driven by the raw ambition of lifelong indies and newly “unemployed” mainstream industry veterans alike.

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