Gran Turismo 5 NASCAR Cars Can Be “Smashed to Smithereens”

Gran Turismo’s history spans across a decade. Every game in the long-running franchise is known for its unmatched realism, but does not include any damage or crashing physics for vehicles. However, Polyphony Digital boss and Gran Turismo 5’s creator has reiterated that the PS3 exclusive will feature full damage effects for cars, especially in the NASCAR range.

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cmrbe2872d ago

But then i think NASCAR fans love their car smashes which is hilarious. Still don't know why they do. Car smashes where i am from means your are an idiot.

nix2872d ago

well... i gotta be careful on Nascar tracks then.

dc12872d ago

That's so true.... yet, I'm sure my sponsor will all leave me.. as my Nascar car will more than likely be in a few 'fender benders'...

thereapersson2872d ago

You should be careful on ANY race. Anyone who thinks a racing game should be defined as a smash-car fest should be slapped. Yes, racing damage *DOES* add to the realism, yet it should NEVER be considered the defining feature.


Then again, Forza fans who claim damage is what sets them apart from the crowd are the same people who think that any racing game can't be taken seriously until it's the next iteration of Destruction Derby.

PirateThom2872d ago

I wish they make it so it cost money in game to repair your car if you crash it, that would be realistic.

The concept of "damage = realism" flys out the window when you can restart races and there's little to no penalty after a race.

This would be "too hard" for many though.

Minimox162871d ago

"Most racers try to AVOID collisions, because it costs REAL MONEY TO REPAIR"

So the driver life doesn't matter lol ( i know what you mean im just kidding :P )

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morganfell2872d ago

It isn't as if people go to races and sit in the stands praying for a crash but rather the amazement that when one does occur the drivers walk away. It isn't the crash but the fact they operate in defiance of such events. On instances where there is tragedy no one is out celebrating. I recall when bother Earnhardt and Allison were killed, it was like a national day of mourning here.

There is much more contact in NASCAR than in any other form of auto racing except for less prominent classes such as Open Wheel. The difference is these cars are trading paint at 200 mph. I am glad of all race types they put such total destruction into NASCAR as that is where it most often occurs on such a devastating scale.

Kleptic2872d ago

Well Nascar now is no where near 200mph anymore, but I do agree...they bump each other the entire lap for the most part...

morganfell2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Restrictor plates do not affect top speed per se but rather how fast a car can reach top speed. They cut the horsepower from around 750 back to 450 - 500. That is why you only find high speeds at longer tracks such as Daytona and Talledega and not locations such as short tracks (i.e. Bristol).

Average end of race speeds for Talledega will be anywhere from 140 to 160 but speeds on the straight-aways (back stretch is 4000 and the front is 4300), still exceed 200 mph.

And it only takes one three wide at those speeds to result in a devastating crash.

gta_cb2872d ago

the new Final Destination movie (3d version) I like how they are only there to see a crash haha :)

Larry L2872d ago

No, restrictor plates GREATLY affect top speed. They reduce the amount of air and gas getting to the engine...of COUSE that affects to speed. A couple/few years back, just before they switched to the new cars, NASCAR did some testing at Talladega without restrictor plates. Do you know what the top speed was?........237 mph, and that was a solo car, no draft. Restrictor plates GREATLY reduce top speed. If they didn't there would be deaths every year if people were crashing at those speeds.

morganfell2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

I am going to disagree with you. Plenty of tests have been run showing cars with reduced horsepower still reaching very close to the same top speeds. They just require a much greater distance in order to top out at that speed. There is a sweet spot by which cutting too many horses will have a major effect on top speed but staying above 450 still allows these cars to bump close to the point they did before plates were instituted. You are confusing top speed of a car with the ability to get to top speed in a short amount of time. You also cannot look at lap speed but clock speeds on certain portions of the track. which will vary from 200 down to just over 100.

When you get a sub 200 hundred mph speed for the lap result you CANNOT say the car never hit 200 mph during the lap. You can only say that the lap speed or average wasn't over 200. Restrictor plates do to some degree (why I said per se) affect matters but it is more important that they affect speed over distance rather than simply speed. Cars now take roughly 3/5 of the stretch to top out at Talledega instead of just half way.

Larry L2871d ago

Well, I'm going to have to disagree back with you my fellow STar Wars EU fan (my 2 PSN IDs are Darth-Krayt and Exar_Kun). 2 reasons. Lets say if you hypothetically had and infinite straight road, or you're out on the salt flats or something. An unrestricted 850hp NASCAR stock car is going to have a greater top speed than a restricted 450hp NASCAR stock car. It's not less horse power because it's a smaller displacement engine. It's the same exact engine just with the amount of fuel and air going into the engine restricted. It just can NOT go as fast with all other things being equal. You aren't comparing a mustang and a comaro here, these cars are idendical. Granted, the 850 hp could have a low gear and the 450 hp car could have a high gear, in which case the 450 hp car could go even faster than the 850 hp cars (i.e. if the 450 had Talladega gearing and the 850 had Bristol gearing). But both cars having the TALL Talladega gearing, the cars can NOT go the same speed.

The 2nd reason is, we aren't talking about infinitely straight salt flats here. We're talking 2 specific 2.5 mile oval tracks here....Talladega and Daytona. You have to stop accelerating, slow down and turn. So while technically you are correct, an 850hp car gets up to a higher speed quicker than a restricted 450 hp car, that's directly related to how fast these cars can go on the specific track. And also the restricted cars are just about hitting top speed now solo on both tracks. The revs are redlined. The only reason they can go faster than like 195 on the straightaways is because of drafting. When they tested the unrestricted cars they were hitting 237 before having to slow down for the corners, solo with no draft. The reason that was the top speed they hit is because they ran out of room to accelerate.

Larry L2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

edit- double post

evrfighter2871d ago

larry's post was so informative u get a bubble.

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sikbeta2872d ago

Being Honest, I don't like NASCAR at all but I love the Crashes...

anti-fanboy2871d ago

Have you ever been to a NASCAR track and watch a race? Most people who do go to a track and watch a cup race in person find it to be a thrilling and very fun experience. You cannot appreciate a race without going to one.

But some of the wrecks are intense.

RICH882871d ago

had to get my 2 cents in morgan you are incorrect about the top speed being affected by restrictor plates. rusty wallace did a test for the radio company that supplies communication back and forth for the crew they were testing to see if speed affected communication. The speed was well over 230 after taking the plates off. also think back to the record speed on that track of 212 avg lap speed set by bill elliot before restrictor plates. haters call me what you want but i contain an encyclopedic knowledge of nascar no links needed it comes from the brain. To add to the gt article this game will be epic adding nascar was like the cherry on top for me i'm very excited stop the wait.

thereapersson2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

wrong reply

thereapersson2872d ago

I completely agree. Until you start penalizing drivers for crashing their cars, you won't see people actually taking damage seriously.

Just think, you're 5-10,000 dollars away from earning that next sweet ride, and then suddenly you have a serious accident in one of your major races that costs you all those hard-earned credits. Suddenly the fact that there is damage in the game becomes that much less romantic, and more of a serious "oh shit, I really gotta watch what I'm doing on the race course" affair.

PimpHandHappy2872d ago

NO if you crash in Nascar mode on GT5 it should not cost you money unless in this Nascar mode you run the team and NOT race... The driver does not pay for the damage he does because he has a team and that team has sponsors

I dont like Nascar but with no real Nascar game out this year im guessing this will be its biggest bullet point in America and will push this game to very large numbers

Hideo_Kojima2871d ago

The driver doesn't buy any car he can afford and put it on the race track either...

He doesn't pay for the car and he doesn't make any upgrades he wants yet in games that seems to be how things work.

Same thing goes for football games you get to control everything not just the player or in this case driver.

I would like what reapersson sudjested it would be awesome to have to pay for repairs think of how it would be if you could crash into someone and over take them but then thinking "no I need to be careful and save money for later"

Montrealien2872d ago

Nascar is dirty racing, they bump and grind there way through the track to victory. And lets be honest here, these are mostly oval tracks, the rough play and the risk that comes with it makes Nascar what it is. I am glad they understand that to make a good Nascar mode implemented in their game, it needs to have damage.

I can't wait for GT5, it will be epic.

vhero2872d ago

Very good news for the game as there been constantly crap from 360 fanboys going on that only minor damage is in the game this proves the opposite and just adds even more pleasure to the ultimate driving sim.

BeaArthur2872d ago

cmrbe...actually true fans don't like the big wrecks because they just stop the racing for long periods of time. True I like to see wrecks/cautions when my favorite driver (Kevin Harvick) needs a caution to adjust the car, avoid going a lap down, etc. but we don't just like to sit there and watch car accidents.

xXRight3yeXx2872d ago

When are they revealing the release date????????????? I am so pissed off. Waiting 3 years for this game isn't really the ideal thing to do if you're a PS3 exclusive collector like me.

rockleex2872d ago

"GT5 cars will be smashed to smithereens in Nascar. Featuring up to one bolt."

Then he goes on to say that he can announce the launch date soon.

Yup, they're pretty much reaching the polishing stage now.

AEtherbane2871d ago

I need to play some more racing games, this looks fun.

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cupogoodness2872d ago ShowReplies(2)
user94220772872d ago

They better be saying the truth about the GT5 release date announcement.

BeaArthur2872d ago

Agreed, I'm tried of building anticipation only to see the date get pushed back. Don't say anything about a release date until it is set in stone.

LebaNoob2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Curious to see how realistic Polyphony Digital managed to make the crashes... A bad crash engine could seriously detract from GT5's realism.
Then again, they're as perfectionist as they come. I doubt they'll let us down :)

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