The Gadget Show Likes to Move; Has High Praise For PS Move

The Gadget Show are largely known for their hands-on time with the most advanced and latest technology in the market. Their latest preview involves testing out PlayStation’s motion controller, PlayStation Move. The popular show rates the Sony tech very highly and here’s why.

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presto7172759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

They might look similar, but move is light years ahead of what the wii is. When it comes out people will eat their words.

Yes, I can see the future. It is moving.

krouse932759d ago

I know it's going to be awesome. I can't wait to buy it.

Kurisu2759d ago

I agree with both of you!

I'm looking forward to E3 to see what else is in store for the Move.

M-Easy2759d ago

And lets not forget it has what people in the future call "buttons."

dragonyght2759d ago

unfortunately these are not enough to silent the haters...its sad really

user94220772759d ago

Man that top spin thing is absolutely awesome.

Gmarino2759d ago

I Love the Gadget Show. I have been following whatever information I could get on the PS-Move.
Now that the accuracy during Table Tennis has been guaranteed, I AM PREORDERING those controllers!

saint_john_paul_ii2759d ago

the new n4g looks great. back to the conversation now.

this shows how precise the Move is.