Eurogamer Portugal | ModNation Racers Review

Not innovative in concept, but gives everyone the tools to create their own content.

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itani2844d ago

I thought Eurogamer would change after N4G changed their layout :P.

Lifendz2844d ago

Modnation or Demons Souls. Not sure which one I'm going to get just yet.

dc12844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I will very tentatively lead you towards Demons Souls. I love the game... however it is the purest representation of gaming torment followed by acceptance,.. then patient, perseverance and lastly... extreme satisfaction.

.. I can not recommend against Modnation...

Mo0eY2844d ago

What's the difference between Eurogamer and Eurogamer [insert Europe country]? They're all a part of Europe so I'm confused as for the need to break it down like they do.

I understand IGN, IGN UK, and IGN AU... but this?

Ghost_Sparta2844d ago

I think they are independent of each others! They have different reviews and such! This score however is kind weird for Eurogamer Portugal...They actually give good scores to PS3 exclusives: Uncharted 2 10/10, GOW3 10/10, HR 9/10, Infamous 9/10, KZ2 10/10, despite of the scores of the mother site! I disagree about this score however, I think this game is way better than 7/10!...

CadDad2844d ago

It's so they can band together and collectively bring a score either up or down on metacritic. ;)

4 scores and counting already from Eurogamer*insertneighboringeur opeancountryhere*


THC CELL2844d ago

i loved the beta
i cant wait for this game

coolcole932844d ago

I quite liked it. If I had unlimited money, I'd get it. But I just can't put it above other games :(

Karum2844d ago

The Beta already sold me on this game tbh.

rambi802844d ago

yep - i'm waiting on my pre-order
I dont really read reviews anymore - i try to get opinions from other gamers now - or at least give some stuff a rent

player-12844d ago

I cant wait for this game. It looks incredible so far!

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The story is too old to be commented.