Halo Reach Beta Free for Silver Subscribers; 1M Players Reached

Bungie is giving Xbox Live Silver Subscribers a chance to play Halo Reach Beta for free, without the need of upgrading to Gold Membership, from May 14-16, 2010.

Also announced, Halo Reach has reached over 1 million users within the first 24 hours after its official launch.

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SixZeroFour2907d ago

1 million users? or unique users? thats pretty amazing, its like the original average UU's playing on halo3 back then

kingdavid2907d ago

How is the beta like anyway?

SixZeroFour2906d ago

its a multiplayer only beta, at the moment there are:

-2 maps, but 2 more will be released later on
- you can go 4 player coop on the same xbox(either 4 different gold members, or up to 3 guests as long as one is a gold member)
- 5 armor abilities (maybe more on full release)
- 4v4 (max is prolly 8v8 cause there is a [insert party #]/16 above friends play beta on the main matchmaking screen)
- arena with "pre-season 1" ranking
- grab bag, which features about 7 (that i can remember) gametypes
- free4all, which features i dont know how many gametypes (most likely same as above)
- a small set of armor upgrades, about 24 pieces to play with
- theater with screen and video capturing and file sharing ability

all in all, its pretty fun and pretty difficult at times...a little grip i have is it takes a full AR clip to take someone down, then when another person comes by, you cant reload fast enough to take him out unless there is a teammate with you....needless to say, the team games are DEFINITELY a team game, you cant go lone wolf with the weapons as they are strength-wise

darthv722906d ago

bad guys wont stop shooting me..ah who am i kidding. I suck at it but i have fun doing it.

I get lucky now and then. Like this one time I got a double kill but one of them was on my team. Oops my bad.

How long is the beta supposed to last? All the way up to the release or close to it?

SixZeroFour2906d ago

not even close, lol...only till the 17th or 19th i believe