Eurogamer: Lost Planet 2 review

Bombastic in scale and seductive in its epic ambition, it looks every inch the instant shooter classic. Sadly the hands-on reality tells a different story. Filled with hair-tearing moments of abject frustration that defy logic, mixed with fist-pumping moments of total exhilaration, it's a quite bizarre game of two halves.

+ combat feels solid and satisfying,
+ well-honed control mechanics
+ graphics (new engine)

- no save system
- irredeemable AI flaws
- boss fights

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velcry2910d ago

I was actually hoping that this game would turn out better than the first, much like Assassin's Creed II did from its predecessor...

The demo was tons of fun, but I really want a good single-player campaign too! The multi-player alone won't cut it for me =(

Jaybad542910d ago

Its going to get realllly hot in here

Pennywise2909d ago

Is this really a surprise? The first one was not too good, and judging from the demo this one was not any better!

It really is a shame... it had potential.

VileAndVicious2909d ago

Thats not
I didnt like the first either but i liked this one a helluva lot more. Im actually suprised that it didnt get a higher score personally.

VileAndVicious2909d ago

And maybe its just me (I havent read the review quite yet) but the pros seem to outweigh the cons.

Pennywise2909d ago

I agree the pro seem to outweigh the cons.... Just think about how bad it must be judging from that!

68/100 on Meta is not looking good.

I will still rent it and play some coop with you, but definitely not a keeper from the looks of it.

Cevapi882909d ago

i played the demo after my friends told me to D/L it....didnt find it fun at all....very much an arcade shooter and generic in my mind

ThanatosDMC2909d ago

If they didnt fix those flaws from the demo then it's a well deserved 6/10.

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Daver2909d ago

4 players coop games are rare so i'm getting it anyway and i liked the campaign demo

rockleex2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

You know your game's control system sucks when you need to use two of the shoulder buttons to make the character turn 90 degrees.

Its just a waste of buttons. Why not just fix the aiming and sensitivity so that the player can turn however he wants in the first place?

Plus, the animation system really slows the characters down. It just feels so stiff.

ThanatosDMC2909d ago

I completely agree with the 90 degree turning. It's a waste of two shoulder buttons.

badz1492909d ago

first Alan Wake, and now Lost Planet!

BannedForNineYears2909d ago

Wooooooooooooooah, 6?! Honestly?!

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Akagi2910d ago

It's to be expected. I did not at all like the demo.

Mo0eY2910d ago

I agree. It was the worst 1.5GB I've ever downloaded.

rexus123452909d ago

the demo promised a lot of potential. The review sounds like Capcom did not make any improvements at all since the demo.

ShakeShakeShake2910d ago

it's alright, I forgive CAPCOM this time because they have been good lately

Megaton2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Eurogamer being unreliable aside, the score doesn't surprise me. The first Lost Planet just wasn't good. I was genuinely surprised when I heard Capcom green lit a sequel.

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