PSN Version of Final Fantasy IX is Complete

Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII have already made it to the PlayStation Store and have seen solid, steady sales for a number of weeks now. However, another in-demand title is fan-favorite that many want to see re-released onto the PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic is Final Fantasy IX. Square Enix have reassured fans on several occasions that the game will indeed arrive onto the PlayStation Store, and it looks like they’re sticking to their promise.

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Marceles3028d ago

I hope it'll be there Tuseday!

hay3028d ago

Excelent, now be a good game and come out on PSN Store.

Asuka3028d ago

FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX all on my PS3 HDD =D. Me's one happy costumer. Can't wait to actually find sometime to finish FFVII again, start FFVIII, and download FFIX. awwwww, the childhood memories =P

Kassanova073028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Easy money! Next up Xenogears, Valkyrie Profile, Chrono Cross etc.

amilimos3028d ago

FF6 or FF6 remake please! I have not played that game yet and I want to experience the greatness that it its based on word of mouth

FiftyFourPointTwo3028d ago

Play FF6 and discover why those who played it consider Kefka as the greatest villain in video game history. No offense to Sephiroth fans.

Davoh3028d ago

Glad my favourite Final Fantasy is getting a PSN version. Now I just want Legend of Mana and Chrono Trigger.

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