Eurogamer | ModNation Racers Review

It's just a shame that that success had to be tempered by a somewhat overenthusiastic approach to the unpredictability inherent in the genre.

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sixaxis2700d ago

looks like too much fun for eurogamer.

Akagi2700d ago

A site doesn't give the game you are looking forward to a good score, you then systematically insult the site? Cool.

Just for the books, though, since when was 7 a bad score?

LinuxGuru2699d ago

7 is average, a rent at best.

For those looking to purchase games, a 7 is a bad score.

- Ghost of Sparta -2700d ago

Their Alan Wake review was even more hilarious.

darkmurder2700d ago

Interesting how before this came out everyone was bashing Alan Wake score but now that this is out it's "eurogamer is lame site".

hay2700d ago

Cause actually Alan Wake is shaping up to be really good game.

rockleex2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Not the 360... or so they say.

Not sure if anyone actually checked the statistics of Eurogamer yet though.

But I know many people have used statistics to prove that Edge is biased against PS3 the most, and favors 360 the most.

nix2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

even a freaking toddler can join the dots and figure it out. i guess.

Jamegohanssj52700d ago

Eurogamer fails once again.


tinybigman2700d ago

No surprise from them guess it needed to be made by a european developer to get above 7 from them huh?

AliTheBrit192700d ago

So mooey, when Alan Wake gets a 7/10 its just, but when ModNation gets a 7/10 its some how not as legit?


inveni02699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

The difference is that Alan Wake is hyped, and people think that its hype is being reviewed instead of reality. So, when people see Wake get a 9, they think it's *fixed*. The same goes with Halo. If either were to get a 7, they'd think, "That sounds about right," because they assume that the 7 is based on reality since it doesn't serve the hype.

In ModNation, there's not really much hype. It's just a kart racer...not even on the hype scale LBP had. So, when it gets a 9, people think, "Wow, it must really be good." They think this because they assume the reviews aren't serving the hype. So, when it gets a 7, they think, "That doesn't sound right...must be biased."

I'm not saying I agree with either of these, but that seems to be the trend in public thinking.

Typically, I listen to IGN. They've ticked me off before, and I never agree 100%, but they seem to be close enough for me to listen most of the time.

zoks3102700d ago

These guys really suck when it come to scoring games, they praise it in the review but git it a low score?

Parapraxis2694d ago

I don't understand why they get to put up 3 reviews that are all basically the same.

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Marceles2700d ago they like anything?

Mo0eY2700d ago

A spot of tea and crumpets perhaps?

- Ghost of Sparta -2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

They like to pretend that their reviews are anything more than laughably retarded.

itani2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

I guess Eurogamer haven't changed even after N4G changed their layout :P.

cmrbe2700d ago

What's even funnier is the Alan Wake review. A 7/10 as well LMAO!!.

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The story is too old to be commented.