MGS:Peace Walker Makes A Strong First Day Debut in Japan "According to Neogaf ,and several other sources, MGS: Peace Walker released on the 29th in Japan has sold 339,000 copies on it’s first day. That’s 60% of the game’s total shipment. Even more impressive is that those sells were of the Special Edition. The Regular Edition only sold 9,000, a mere 25% of total shipments."

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Paradise3027d ago

That's fantastic. The demo still has me hooked. I'm finally going to make use of Ad Hoc party.

FishCake9T43027d ago

Agreed. This game is amazing.
Just a quick thing though N4G, I noticed how this article has been reported for no apparent reason as the article is valid. It has sources from various companies. Do you think fanboys may report articles for no reason just because its from the opposing system? Just a thought, great layout though.

anonymous3027d ago

Did anyone else have problems logging in to the new site? When I enter my username & password, it doesn't log me in. It brings me back to the main page, but my login does not register.

I even tried re-registering, but there is a field that requires you to enter the letters that appear in a security box. The box doesn't even show up when I try, so I just receive an error.

I've been a member for over 2 years, and this is the first time that I can't log in.

sikbeta3026d ago

Yeah! Kojima-san I'll support your MGS Games 4ever, I already said, IF there is a PSPGo+MGS:PW Bundle, I'll buy it just for the Sake of this Amazing franchise...

Asuka3026d ago

kinda hope there isn't a PSPgo+MGS:PW bundle because i know if i see it, i would want to buy it LOL. I trying to hold out till i hear something about the PSP2. =P But seriously, would sick if that bundle did come out! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! idk wut 2 do LOL!

ReservoirDog3163026d ago

Good for them. Let's hope it does as good everywhere else. I got mine preordered at amazon already. My only fear is that it isn't as good as a singleplayer only game but I've never been let down by Kojima.

Off topic though, it looks like the new n4g let's you comment much easier on the PS3 internet browser than the old one, You don't have to log in each time you go to a new page. Was afraid it it wouldn't work at all with the PS3 internet browser but I'm pleasantly surprised. Yay.

gaffyh3026d ago

Expected a little more for some reason 0_o, anyone know the figures for Portable Ops when it released?

Can't wait till it comes out in the west. Demo is awesome.

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You Noob3027d ago

Too bad i hate playing MGS on PSP :(

Button configuration sucks

va_bank3026d ago

This one is different then MGS:PO - play the demo and you'll se how well it controls.

RememberThe3573026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

But I'm still going to give it a try. The game looks really good.

rCrysis3027d ago

This is gonna be awesome. With Co-Op now my friends and I can take on anything as 4 Snakes lol

kjordanreyna3027d ago

"special edition?" "crack edition?"

daghost11253027d ago

cant wait till this drops in the states

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The story is too old to be commented.