Latest Japanese Hardware Chart

Here are last week's hardware numbers for Japan. DS slides down, while Wii holds steady. PS3 moves up slightly and 360 drops below 3000.

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kewlkat0074021d ago

seems like E3 hasn't had the effect, also Japan has always had a cheaper PS3 so nothing is really new for them over there besides E3, that might reinstall some consumer confidence on all 3 platforms, well don't know about the 360 but yeah.

Moving's only Japan

cooke154021d ago

Well these numbers are from last week, so if E3 had any effect it wont be noticed till next time the numbers are released. Also you cannot say only Japan considering half or more of our games from there. If a system is successful there its going to get their support through development.

weekapaugh4021d ago

"seems like E3 hasn't had the effect"

lol......yeah dude, they are able to get sale figures like up to the minute now a days. those sales figures are actually up to the second, keep hitting refresh and they change. [es]

kewlkat0074021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

but Haven't you heard? Japan does not make or break a console anymore. To me they are becoming less important. Their games and hardware sell well over there. Some software, I think me and you would not play does very well over there. Japan will alway shave it's people behind it's products when it comes to the Console business.

Europe/western world will eventually be fine.

I just hope japan developers start looking at the CAPCOM trend, an d take a look at themselves and where their industry is going. At least that's what I think. Bu yeah, only till next-week, we will see, if any big splash.

The General4021d ago

Dude, who are you trying to fool? Ps3 fans? Nintendo Fans? I don't think so. The only reason you say "To me they are becoming less important," is because your precious 360 is not do much in terms of sales over there. Let me tell you something, Japan is indeed important to the gaming industry. Period. Out of Japan, many gaming trends are started and if you're not selling in the Japan, then maybe there is something wrong with your product. Why do you think 360 has hit a wall in sales? Because every week it is underselling at 2000-3000 units in Japan. Microsoft had a extra year to get things right but what happened, they did not get things right.

You can't even say the Japanese market is not important because apparently, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all know it is indeed important. But your 360 fanboyism won't let you see that. So since you hate Sony and Nintendo and only want the 360 to succeed, you will try by all means necessary to convince others that Japan is such a bad market. Being one of the most biased 360 fanboys trying to play like your neutral while downplaying every good news for Sony and Nintendo, I don't even know why you have so many bubbles.

Rather than say Japan has a bad market, or that Japan doesn't matter, you need to ask Microsoft to fix whatever is broken about the 360 so that it may some day sell over 4000 units in Japan.

Other than that, Let's Game On. Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 For the Win!!!

kewlkat0074021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

What are you talking about, I only say that because of what I have been reading. Do you even know what has been happening to the Japanese Market? as far as developers and what they are saying? Plus, where did I state they are not important at all?

"To me they are becoming less important." Is what I wrote, it's there.

Why your making this to be about the 360. The 360 hasn't fared well at all in Japan. It is doing better than the Xbox for sure but nothing great. every Console that never had very strong backing from Japan has died. Well the 360 is in it for the long haul, as if you didn't notice. I understand how the japanese culture is when it comes to Video games. You have never had a western made console as popular there, well there have never been until the Xbox.

As far as Japans decline with their games, and how closed they are or have been the past 10 years or so, this is all true, do your homework. It has been on the DECLINE, even though I thin Nintendo is one of the biggest sellers over there with their products and has kept them afloat. Everyone has something made by Nintendo over there.

Even Kojima have similar thoughts(the man behind MGS4)

Another great Article

This one about a guy that have worked for American and Japanese companies. Good read

You think I'm just making this up. There have been a lot of this. I read lot so articles. Come correct bro, before you start attacking. Personally, I just think Japan is not as important as they used to be, and they are being left behind in game development. Look at how far Western and Europe developers have come?

Anyhow you have no substance,(everything is about MS to you, and just stupid PS3 FTW comments. Wasting my time.) Yes I have a 360 and Wii, I'm not playing no Neutral sh!t, just read my post, I will gladly tell you why I don't own a PS3, like I have gazillion times over and over. Anyhow, I won't sink down to your level Mr General....ha that's right.

Moving along..

JokesOnYou4021d ago

you don't know sh!t about the industry because if you did you would know japan loves their homegrown stuff and they don't like western games, never have never will but kewlkat is right they are not important, whoever wins the us and european market will own this gen, so don't kid yourself. actually sony is the one losing, xbox is the foreigner on enemy ground, sony is on home turf where they were king last gen, yet their sales are miserable. if you look at the games that are big hits over there with the exception of a few well known titles, the rest are complete garbage either ninty kiddie crap spinoffs or a pedophiles wet dream. Japan is going down hill and their only hangin on, hating western games because they think they have some place in history to protect, its over they time have come, 95% of the best games are no longer made by japanese devs. by next gen either they will move along like Capcom or become a niche market.=


kewlkat0074020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

I laid it out there for him, with some links, as to why and how I came to my conclusion and opinion on the matter and yet, all I hear is,

lhfolki jf japanisgreat fkiolkl ldjjf PS3 FTW lkjnflgkfkl Xbox SUCKS djhfjdjo.

Jibber Jabber General,I tell ya.

Blankman4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

believe it or not for a console to be a success it has to enjoy success in ALL markets. Japan might not hold the same power in gaming as it did back in the day but great games still come out of there and without microsoft being able to establish at least a reasonable presence there then these japanese devs might decide not to even look at the 360. Lots of great games created for the japanese market have seen a lot of success in the US. Mario, final fantasy, metal gear solid, resident evil. All of these are powerful franchises made from japan and coincidentally their sequels are still among the most anticipated games to date. Msoft needs to put in extra effort to break that japanese market if they plan to win this console war. I don't see how they can win consistently sellin 2000+ in Japan. Am not saying they won't win but they need the japanese market to do so.

ArduousAndy4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

not true. Success is not determined by region. Its determined as a whole. IF i created an item lets call it Jigjag and you created an item to compete with mine lets call yours Jogjeg. If you sold well in japan and took over 80% of the market there. For the rest of the world lets say I took over in america and Europe with a 90% market share Australia and all other markets are dead even.

Buy sales alone would dictate that I am dominating. Sure you have japan but since that market counts for about 15% of the global scale. It becames a "ok good for you" deal. Where my 90% control in the rest of the world out weighs yours. Hence when it comes down to it I won.

Frankly with the way Japan is such a closed society that really does not adapt to outside tech it really doesnt matter to me. They only account for 15% of the market in video games.

Plus saying that ps3 is out selling 360 is all well in good cause it is numbers do not lie. But your victory is just overshadowed by the WII kicking ass.

*edit* there was something else i wanted to say. Even today look at E3. The top games that everyone is talking about. How many are Japanese? is

Ps3 big name the only one that is Japanese is Metal Gear Solid 4

Microsoft has 2 that are japanese Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey

Nintendo is the only exception

*edit 2* if your going to disagree atleast join in the conversation. Lets keep it clean

BBsin4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

last i checked, every system that ended up not selling atleast decent in japan...died out. So success in Japan is "make or break". If japan were not important, then ms would have already quit and focused 100% on the US market...but instead they continue to try to salvage some success in Japan, which is the correct decision for Microsoft. Abandoning or neglecting the japanese market is pure suicide, and that's not what MS is doing this time around.

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Phantom_Lee4021d ago

DS slides down!!....wha!!!

I guess everybody in Japan got one now

pwnsause4021d ago

yea, PS3 broke over 10,000 again for the 2nd straight week. Lets see if Sony can keep the momentum going.

pwnsause4021d ago

lets not forget about the PSP, it will increase in sales once the PSP redesign launches over there, just watch.

Bloodmask4021d ago

sales have picked up a bit.

But in Japan there is just no stopping the Wii and DS. It's like a phenomenon over there. Doo....Dooo.DOOoo..Dooo.doooo. ...Phenomenon

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