TheSixthAxis: ModNation Racers Review


I’ve been lucky enough to see ModNation Racers grow over the last few months, and it’s gone from a limited taster of a beta to something wonderfully vast without ever being overly complicated. The creation is as deep or as automatic as you want it, the online as time sapping or as casual as your heart desires – MNR is a game for everyone without ever making anyone feel left out, and in the days of hardcore first person shooters and single player epics, surely that’s exactly what we all need just now?

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nix2848d ago

cool... i'm getting it regardless!

Paradise2848d ago

Although I'm going to have to wait a while to get this gem. I need a Red Dead fix.

Solbadguy2848d ago

4 player split-screen is a must buy day one for me.

velcry2848d ago

I've been looking for a multi-player game I can play with my cousins for some time, and this seems to be it!

Hopefully it'll have lasting appeal!

cmrbe2848d ago

These guys are normally very hard on PS exclusives.

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