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Here some latest details and information regarding Rockstar's upcoming hit title . Grand Theft Auto 4 which is due out in October for both the PS3 and XBOX360. The XBOX360 version will have downloadable contents via Xbox live.


* McReary, the character we learned about in GamesTM, is a corrupt cop. He has "dirt on Niko's past." The mission they previewed is called "Call and Collect."
* Little Jacob (a caribbean arms dealer) is a good friend of Niko's cousin. When you buy weapons from him (which are kept in his trunk) you can scroll through them like you did in Ammu-Nation in the previous GTA games.
* Rotterdam Hill (the place where Niko agrees to meet Jacob) is in Alderney - the GTA IV equivalent of New Jersey.
* Niko kills Goldberg (the shady lawyer) because he owes a favour to somebody.
* Rockstar showed the sequence where he kills Goldberg twice. The first time he fell out of the window, the second time he merely crumpled on the floor.
* When purchasing clothes, you have to choose the items from the shelf individually.
* Determining which figures you need to kill requires perception - there are no arrowheads to direct you like in the previous games.
* Once you gain a wanted-level, the map flashes with circles of blue and red, with each circle representing the line of sight of the police chase. The circles differ in size depending on your wanted-level.* The default camera view when driving rests around the left-hand side of the car above the road.
* Multiplayer is accessed via your mobile phone.
* The combat rests somewhere between Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War in terms of style, allowing you to roll, find protection and blind-fire from behind cover.
* Shooting different parts of the body has different impacts (e.g shoot a security guard in the foot at the top of the stairs, and he'll come tumbling down.)
* In GTA IV you have to develop relationships with other characters. Your relationship with Little Jacob, for example, is maintained through phone calls and loyalty. Developing good relationships with different characters can provide different rewards.

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TriggerHappy3938d ago

Anyone else look at games differently after the killzone experience ?

BTW, this game is going to be really good.

MyNutsYourChin3938d ago

Killzone 2 looked phenomenal but I think "really good" is an understatement for GTA IV. That game is going to be outstanding.

Monty_The_Great3938d ago

look at games differently after "the killzone experience" whatever that is. sure it looked good, its should, but that doesn't mean it will be good. the first one looked good for a ps2, and was crap. i hope kz2 is good, i would love to get a ps3 and have some good games to play, but right now there arent any.

mrk013938d ago

I'm disappointed that they didn't more stuff on Blu-ray, GTA4 even on a single layer 25 gig Blu-ray disc would've had much more potential and that every ps3 had a HDD.
-Just imagine what it could've been.

Asraff3938d ago

i want more info dude.



It looks like Rockstar is out to show everyone what The Sandbox genre is all about.