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Submitted by user9422077 2105d ago | news

Say Howdy to Red Dead Redemption’s Trophy List

Red Dead Redemption is just around the corner and as we prepare to draw our six shooters on anything that moves, Rockstar Games have released the trophy list for the upcoming western. The game features 48 trophies with 13 of them being Hidden Trophies. So load up and take aim at the full list of trophies below. (PS3, Red Dead Redemption)

cupogoodness  +   2105d ago
We'll see, a couple of months ago I heard this game's development was a mess, hopefully they got everything straightened out.
Pennywise  +   2105d ago
It is concerning, but with the preorder deal amazon has going on I already ordered this bad boy!

Posse up!
Phaqutomb  +   2105d ago
i want this game but with every one giving out things the hard decision is who to pre-order with
M-Easy  +   2104d ago
Amazon pretty much sold me this game not R*
inveni0  +   2105d ago
Everything I've ever read about this has always been about how great it's coming along. It looks good to me, and it's the next game on my "to buy" list. I'm looking forward to it.
himdeel  +   2105d ago
I'm also very excited about...
...the potential for this game to just be a lot of fun. I too canceled a preorder at a retail store to take advavtage of the amazon deal. The annouced added coop is also really exciting.
MmaFanQc  +   2105d ago
trophy list
deafwing  +   2104d ago
doesn't look too shabby
think we can get this one in a spell or two :)
The_Count  +   2104d ago
I can't wait to count the miles I travel on this huge map

ah ah ah
fedex682  +   2104d ago
Where are the reviews?
The game releases in a couple of weeks and we have not seen any review yet. I am a little worried.
legendkilla  +   2104d ago
im gettin this game for sure!! check out the video's, it looks sweet!!!
user9422077  +   2105d ago
doctorstrange  +   2105d ago
Man, I love the Wild West
kjordanreyna  +   2105d ago
zoks310  +   2105d ago
Not Bad
They look easy enough, game sure sure as hell will be fun.
Kris_Pennant  +   2105d ago
Bottomline is this.........
Regardless of what was said to its past in terms of development its looking like a stella gam for the rockstar camp and WILL be a massive success!
divideby0  +   2105d ago
this was on my must buy list and with the new addition of free dlc, as on line CoOP in June....this game has replay value to the nth degree
Akagi  +   2105d ago
No kidding, buddy. I'm worried I'll put in an insane amount of hours in this game. On GTA4, I've put in 100+ in single-player alone.
Myst  +   2105d ago
Multiplayer should be easy since the majority of my time will be spent on that mode, single player on the other hand...
jmare  +   2105d ago
That makes no sense
In games like CoD or Battlefield, I can understand playing the multiplayer more than the single player because that is a big draw. But the single player in games like this are the reason you play games like this.

Different strokes, I guess. But that just makes no sense.
Myst  +   2105d ago
Actually you pretty much found my reason as to why it makes sense for me.

"Different strokes, I guess."

That is why I could have more fun with multiplayer. I'm not a big person on multiplayer, but have been intrigued by this one, which is why I can say that I can get the multiplayer trophies easier. Not to mention I can't really see myself re-playing single player sections over and over again for a trophy, multiplayer yes, but single-player no. Also games like this are more along the lines of catering to both not one or the other. It works well for both the individual who likes single and the one who like multi.

Not saying I won't play single-player just saying I won't play it enough at one given time to get all the trophies.
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BeaArthur  +   2105d ago
Not looking, don't want to ruin anything about the game. Less than 2 weeks away.
GLoRyKnoT  +   2105d ago
I never read trophy lists until i beat the game.
BeaArthur  +   2105d ago
Yeah, I don't even look at them on my XMB (as long as I am planning to replay). It's always nice when that little trophy/achievement notification pop up when you have done something totally random.
T9X69  +   2105d ago
I don't know about you, or anyone else but this is my GOTY right here. Cant wait for this game.
Pennywise  +   2105d ago
How do you decide GOTY when you have not even played the game yet?
Gun_Senshi  +   2105d ago
Welcome to N4G!

People toss AAA and GOTY on all titles.

Funfact: AAA title comes from the budget for creating the game, not the review scores.
T9X69  +   2105d ago
For one its Rockstar, so I know its going to be a damn good game. For second, its the only game this year I'm really excited for and dying to play. The rest of the games this year are same old same old boring crap.
Pennywise  +   2105d ago
@T9X69 - I am excited for this game too... I already have it preordered, but I was also excited for GTA4 and I HATED it.

I admit, this game seems to be a breath of fresh air in the shooter category, but this year will be a close race for GOTY... so many big name games releasing across all platforms. I am going to reserve my judgment until I play the game.
T9X69  +   2105d ago

I actually really enjoyed GTA4, especially when they released TLAD and BOGT.

I enjoy free roam games more than anything, and right now all the titles announced don't excite me like RDR does. The only other game I'm really excited for is SOCOM 4 since I'm a huge SOCOM fan.
Official General  +   2105d ago
The original GTA 4 was not that bad. I personally thought it was still a very good game. But it just was not as great or excellent as it should have been, especially with all the hype it got. It really should have been a lot better than it is, but it's still a great game to look at and play.

@ Pennywise - You should listen to T9X69 and play Episodes of Liberty City as it kinda makes up for what was missing in the original GTA 4 game, especially with The Balld of Gay Tony. I bought the GTA 4 Episodes for my PS3 a few weeks ago and I've recently just completed the both of them. Lost and Damned was ok, but Ballad of Gay Tony was a brilliant addition, it was the best one of the two I must say. I really hope the next GTA title will be based on Vice City and Florida state with all the missing best features from previous GTA titles included this time.

On topic, I really cant wait for Red Dead Redemption, I'm so charged up for this game. It sure does look exciting and interesting. I'll be checking the reviews first before I buy it though, so I dont think I'll pre-order it just yet. However it don't look like it's gonna disappoint, I'm pretty sure it should be very good at the least.
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dc1  +   2105d ago
@ Gun_Senshi - very good
You're spot on.. The real question is.. how many AAA titles receive bad reviews...

With respect Red Dead - Its is an AAA title that will more than likely receive fantastic acceptance across the board. I cant wait!
TreMillz  +   2105d ago
This is the first game I ever pre-ordered....
And dammit 2 weeks is torture! Geez I'm literally counting down the days till my posse guns at everybody. You know what would be epic though? If in the salon, you can just walk up to somebody, punch them and then your posses start a big bar brawl. Lmfao! I would love that.
jjesso1993  +   2105d ago
I cant wait for this pre ordered this for ps3 last year new was going to be good game.
ReBurn  +   2105d ago
I'm really excited for Red Dead Redemption. Won't be much longer!
vTuro24  +   2105d ago
Man I just can't wait for this game!!!! It will be so epiiiiic!!! :D
falcon07elensar  +   2105d ago
Really want this game
but going to Gamefly instead of buy. It will be for for a month or maybe even 2 then be like GTA4. Hopefully there is a lot of stuff to do that isn't repetitive.
divideby0  +   2105d ago
I havent reserved games in a long time, since all stores get them on the same day by me. I just may reserve this game at BB, since someone told me you get the better mount (warhorse) and the mount I think will be impt. for this game...better than starting out with the mule
xXRight3yeXx  +   2105d ago
I'm buying this. That's for sure.
bjornbear  +   2105d ago
so excited. can't wait to have me some golden guns i miss those since golden eye =(

Fightin’ Around the World
Knock someone out in melee in every saloon in the game in Single Player.

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PS3 Supremacy  +   2105d ago
Reminds me of GTA4...highest rank in multiplayer, damn. Hope it isn't 5mil again.
LittleBigSackBoy  +   2104d ago
Can't wait for this
MeatAbstract  +   2104d ago
Looking forward to this. Just played through the GTA IV story again and actually really enjoyed far more then the first time around. Here's hoping RDR delivers.
M-Easy  +   2104d ago
I just don't want to be disappointed by this like I was by GTA4.
MeatAbstract  +   2104d ago
What did you find most dissapointing about it?
Derekvinyard13  +   2104d ago
love manhunt nice sig

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