Say Howdy to Red Dead Redemption’s Trophy List

Red Dead Redemption is just around the corner and as we prepare to draw our six shooters on anything that moves, Rockstar Games have released the trophy list for the upcoming western. The game features 48 trophies with 13 of them being Hidden Trophies. So load up and take aim at the full list of trophies below.

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cupogoodness2699d ago

We'll see, a couple of months ago I heard this game's development was a mess, hopefully they got everything straightened out.

Pennywise2699d ago

It is concerning, but with the preorder deal amazon has going on I already ordered this bad boy!

Posse up!

Phaqutomb2699d ago

i want this game but with every one giving out things the hard decision is who to pre-order with

M-Easy2699d ago

Amazon pretty much sold me this game not R*

inveni02699d ago

Everything I've ever read about this has always been about how great it's coming along. It looks good to me, and it's the next game on my "to buy" list. I'm looking forward to it.

himdeel2699d ago

...the potential for this game to just be a lot of fun. I too canceled a preorder at a retail store to take advavtage of the amazon deal. The annouced added coop is also really exciting.

deafwing2699d ago

think we can get this one in a spell or two :)

The_Count2699d ago

I can't wait to count the miles I travel on this huge map

ah ah ah

fedex6822699d ago

The game releases in a couple of weeks and we have not seen any review yet. I am a little worried.

legendkilla2699d ago

im gettin this game for sure!! check out the video's, it looks sweet!!!

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zoks3102699d ago

They look easy enough, game sure sure as hell will be fun.

Kris_Pennant2699d ago

Regardless of what was said to its past in terms of development its looking like a stella gam for the rockstar camp and WILL be a massive success!

divideby02699d ago

this was on my must buy list and with the new addition of free dlc, as on line CoOP in June....this game has replay value to the nth degree

Akagi2699d ago

No kidding, buddy. I'm worried I'll put in an insane amount of hours in this game. On GTA4, I've put in 100+ in single-player alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.