Killzone: A Retrospective

Retrospective video of the Killzone Universe revealed on

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chrisin34028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

a damn cool video. It puts all the best videos out there right now into one nifty trailer. Nice.

akaFullMetal4028d ago

looks great in pre alpa, cant wait for this game to come out

Violater4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Most used term from the Sony camp.
Only possible on the PS3, which game can the competition point to and say that?
It's clear we are seeing the beginnings of the gap and soon we will be looking at them through the rear view mirror.
With that said, the games can't get here fast enough and when they do ohhhh my poor credit card.

Jordan234028d ago

good video well, i hope the graphic is as good as that when it's comes out.

Kleptic4028d ago

That hit detection is so freakin' cool looking...I absolutely love how heavy the enemy seems...when they drop to their knees it seems like it shocks their entire body...

I wonder if it is just rag dolls, or if you can blow them apart too...Gears did that really well...KZ2 has more impressive reactions to gun fire imo, but I really hope grenades and rockets make them fly apart...I guess I am kind of a sick person...

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The story is too old to be commented.