New RAGE Screens Released

onPause Writes: "Some brand new screenshots of Id Software upcoming shooter RAGE have been released."

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RonyDean2941d ago

Such a good looking game. Can NOT wait for it!

darkmurder2941d ago

This is gonna kill my rig.

ThanatosDMC2940d ago

Looks like a bit of Fallout 3 mixed with Borderlands.

If it's a co-op game or something with worthwhile multiplayer then i'll get it for the PS3 if it's single player awesomeness then Steam if available.

N4g_null2941d ago

All that matters is the tech they are trying to push and the game play. It doesn't matter if it's xbox or PS3 or even wii LOL. These guys got some new tech in here and it runs like the old quake 3 engine speed wise hell I hope they us mod it. I'm much more interested in brink than this game now though and the art style is sort of meh right now. id needs new talent seriously creative talent.

It's no wonder all you guys can talk about is what system it's coming to. I hate to say it but id needs the guy that wants to make you his bitch LOL

i think user1337 is right these maybe PC screens which is the target for all console platforms.


ho knows? But the whole positive previews and comments from journalist(?) circulating are from the 360 version.


missed that. But everyone is getting fanboyish for no good reason. I'm sure everyone will get it on their console of choice. Not that my comment was harsh or anything. Not in this particular thread anyway. But if I could find the ignore button I wouldn't have to make such smarmy comments(I did in other articles, not this one).

thereapersson2941d ago

Yeah, I have a feeling that the new N4G will keep some of the BS away from the site for a while.

Besides, I also have a feeling that that story I linked was taken somewhat out of context. That's usually how all the best fanboyish, flamebait titles came about on the old N4G, after all.

I wonder what HipHopGamer will do now that there's a new design? lol...

jay22941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Woho, and how the F can someone disagree with you on that post......
Then again, why WASN'T it on show lol.

JsonHenry2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I think I read on shacknews these are the 360 screens.

darkmurder2941d ago

Id say it has to be, you can never have AA like that on a console with a good framerate.

Darkfocus2940d ago

I don't know personally I don't think it looks quite as good as some of the earlier shots but it does have really nice AA and AF.

Lich1202940d ago

I think part of that is because this game also has a massive scope. So while the inside shots look good (maybe not great), outside in vast landscapes is where the WoW factor will come in. At least thats what Im hoping for. Either way, I think it would be a crime for me to not pick up a new id title when it launches.

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knightdarkbox2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I don't see this game looking the same on every system, this is most likely PC pics as the 360 version will be tonned to look like the ps3 one since the ps3 can no way produce those category of graphics.

WengYong2941d ago

Of course it can't produce graphics like that! A little bit like Metro 2033 on the 360 right?

zok3102941d ago

The game looks petty good. Dont know if ill be buying this thought, Brink interest me more.


ell, Brink is suppose to come out this Fall/Winter...I think. Rage doesn't have a set time frame except for "sometime in 2011...or when its done!" so I would think you could enjoy both...

nikrel2941d ago

I think this looks more impressive than the new Crysis2. The textures looks so much cleaner in this game, I can not wait for the comparison shots vs these 2 titles. I also think PS3 first party devs need to step their game up with engines coming out that look this amazing.

voice_of_ reason2941d ago

I agree, the game does look graphically impressive and sounds like a lot of fun too. However, since when have Sony's first party devs been slacking to point where they "need to step their game up"? Competition is good, and Sony's first part devs I'm sure will continue to build off their successes such as Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, etc--especially in the visual department.

N4g_null2941d ago

I agree with you nikrel. I like this better than Crysis2 tech right now. They are both doing major tech wizard stuff in these engines.

Most of crytek's stuff in procedural maximization of multicore systems and that applies to the console also.

id is playing with a different ball here. They are readying them selves for progressive upgrades to HD tech and unlimited texture detailing.

Those are the biggest things I'm seeing from the devs stand point and the biggest selling points so far.

Yet what make the most difference is how they handle player input and what type of game play can be done, which is why I like what splash damage is doing with brink.

Next gen is going to be sweet! I think the next big jump in gaming is going to be next gen so much is being perfected now.

SONY's studios are fine graphic wise, seriously they are not going to win against the PC I don't care what a fan says. Which is why SONY should focus on game play more. People are not buying PS3 like wiis simply because they want more game play, not just trophies, better playing games.

It's sort of sad how mario 5 crushes little big planet when it comes to game play, yet LBP looks great yet not 10 million copies great.

Just like modnation racers it looks ok, but trackmania is coming out also, gets no hype and I'm looking to buy that more because it is not trying to be mario kart with an editor and it's crazy fast. Has crazier set pieces also.

Excite truck and excitebots is a classic example, you break the game play and no one wants to play any more.

Now is the time for SONY to find it's place 1st party wise, they will not win the graphic war and most gamers will upgrade their PCs so the 10 year plan will only make fanboys happy so they can claim the PS3 won some thing.

raztad2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Sorry nikrel but I just cant understand this:

"I also think PS3 first party devs need to step their game up with engines coming out that look this amazing."

I dont know if you are for real, or being sarcastic. Are you talking about the same devels that produced GoW3, UC2 and KZ2? do I need to remember how good those games look?

Those screens are not that impressive although they look good. I wonder what native resolution is (bet you this game is sub hd).

I'm 100% supporter of Carmack and id software, and this game is gonna be mine day one, but please dont overhype it.

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