PS3 finally sold more than 360 in Europe

PS3Hype writes: 'The PS3 is selling strong those last days. In Europe the PS3 sold this month more that the 360! With a big lineup and good commercials, the PS3 is finally selling strong.'

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UltraNova2995d ago well lets wait for Sony's announcement just to be sure ;)

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Pennywise2995d ago

I thought Sony announced this over a year ago.

Mr_Bun2995d ago

I'm pretty sure it was only the UK that the PS3 trailed...but the rest of Europe it led

Pennywise2995d ago

Thats what I thought... Nice to see you join the fun Mr Bun!

mikeslemonade2994d ago

Yea the PS3 has been outselling 360 in Europe since 2007. But in the UK the 360 typically sells more, but UK is only one country in Europe.

swift2994d ago

the U.K: is actually 4 country´s....England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales...

therealwillie2994d ago

northern ireland... not ireland

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Icyhot2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Judging by the fact that PS3 landed a year and a half later, it's a massive achievement. The gap is gonna take a huge leap once GT5 comes out.

EDIT: below, PS3 always was in the lead in Europe. In fact I posted the numbers a month back I'll try to search it if I can, but PS3 always was in the lead especially after the Slim came out. 360 is doing well in UK, but as usual, PS3 is dominating rest of Europe.

Wrathman2995d ago

yeah i thought this was already known months ago.but the numbers from mainland europe are so tiny and insignificant.the uk has a massive 360 lead.japan is the real battle the 3 territories the xbox leads in 2.but the japanese market is so one sided it equalises the others.basically in english speaking countries the xbox leads.and when your playing online..that matters.

kerrak2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Funny how you dismiss mainland Europe as a territory. lol.

Is uk the biggest console market in Europe? yes
Is uk bigger than the rest of Europe? No

According to vgchartz:

UK: 31% of Total Europe Wii+360+ps3 sold units.
France + Germany: 32%
Fra+Ger+Spain+Italy: 51%
Mainland Europe: 69%
Mainland Europe more than doubles uk market.

If we are talking worlwide
America (USA+Canada+Mexico+Others): 48%
Mainland Europe: 22%
Japan: 12%
UK: 10%
Others (Australia and others): 7%

Note: wii included or excluded (if you wanted to make a ps3/360 face to face), overall percentages are very similar.

Add the fact the in Europe there was a 1,5 years lead, and sure you'll get the picture right. You see it, uk is important, but much less than you thought.

mookins2994d ago

Europe was okay when the 360 was winning. But now the PS3 gains some ground, it doesn't matter?


zag2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

The funny thing is that the Europe market is the worlds largest games/console market probably for everything else as well really in the world.

Yet the US market is what most companies fuss over.

I think the US market is only half the size of the Europe market.

UK isn't a separate market it's a part of the Europe market.

MasFlowKiller2995d ago

Is it 2009?
Ohh it finally outsold the 360 in Europe using VGChartz number,

This is great news, that means that VGChartz number are only one year behind official Microsoft and Sony Numbers.

Hey every improvement to VGChartz is a good improvement.

simplyRealistic182994d ago

Hate To Say This But Im Miss This Little Bit**ing about Vg Charts being Wrong Or Not

Chubear2995d ago

what you mean excuses?

The 360 DID come out a whole year ahead with no competition but it's been losing ground instead of gaining as a console that came out a year before should.

Go back and look at the PS2 in year5 and the Xbox in year4. Go see the gap the 360 SHOULD have over the PS3 and the Xbox didn't have 1/100th the kind of insane FUD the PS3 had to deal with.

vhero2995d ago

This was obviously coming soon anyway with MS only running the show in UK as its the only place they pump money into the 360 other than US. They pick their battles and it's not gonna work as my beloved Man City found out this season Money doesn't buy you success.

avengers19782995d ago

@alpha-male so your saying that a year lead on the shelves did nothing to help the 360 have better YtD sales over the PS3. In the 3 short years the PS3 have been out it is almost caught up to the 360, witch is going to be 5 years old this fall.
I'm pretty sure you meant to say the year lead is the only reason for the 360 being ahead of the PS3.

Death24942994d ago

IF people actually go to the article and read it. Then they would understand that the reason behind VGChartz delay is because they're using sold to consumer numbers which release a month and a half behind the actual month. Now there is no denying that the ps3 has officially taken Europe. Sony will have to wait until Wii reaches saturation before making it's move against Nintendo.

Congrats Sony, and Alpha-Male you seemed like a logical person but you just proved that you're nothing more than a fanboy in the end. People if you own a 360 then pick up Alan Wake, that game is really freaking fun.
(gonna play on friend's 360)

Pennywise2994d ago

Crab, don't ignore the numbers. Sony has been ahead in EU for about a year...

arsenal552994d ago

Yep... PS3 has been ahead for awhile. Only a matter of time now until we see ps3 ahead of 360 in worldwide sales. only around 4 million away from 360. This year or next we shall see :)

ub3r_fry2994d ago

PS3 is smashing ass worldwide baby!!

Spiderman2994d ago

Wow I came on this site and saw it was all different, and thought i was on the wrong site.

Then I saw the word "finally" in a title involving PS3 sales.

I then knew I had to be on N4G.

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AngryTypingGuy2994d ago

I was under the impression that the PS3 was outselling the 360 in Europe for a while. I didn't realize that the 360 was doing that well in Europe.

mastiffchild2994d ago

I think there's some confusion here and I wouldn't trust anyone saying this has only JUST happened in any way. Signs were that this happened quite a while back(and we'll ignore both Sony and MS statements last year as they covered a way wider area than just the EU(i.e Africa etc))but the plain fact is the figures in the EU and beyond are harder to get together and apparently a l;ot of stores aren't klinked even now-I was told, IIRC, that the largest retailer in both Poland and Hungary aren't feeding into any EU wide figures as of yet for instance.

As guesswork, though, the PS3 has always done pretty well on the mainland(though even less well in the UK than in the US!)and I'd have thought, even with the extra 6month headstart 360 had it should have been overhauled some tme ago. We in the UK are often a little too fond of stating how we are the third biggest single nation market for video games these days but we shouldn't forget that next to the rest of the EU we're pretty small beans(still less than a third I believe). As a resuklt I doubt the 360 lead here makes TOO much difference overall. It'll be pretty close, mind.

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jashwin2995d ago

Yaaaay! This is good news! I don't trust VGChartz completely but their scores are approximate. Waiting for an official announcement from sony.

Gamester1012995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

This is VG Chartz. But the chances are that they're behind rather than ahead (VG Chartz I mean). I expect this happened a short while ago at least.

jjesso19932995d ago

vgchartz ? well it would make sence of alot of my friends a getting ps3's these days back when ps3 first came out round where i live you got ripped for having ps3 one and not 360.

Zydake2994d ago

I thought the same thing

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