EA and Crytek Creating a 'Halo Killer' In Crysis 2

Electronic Arts' Frank Gibeau has recently offered some preview to how good Crysis 2 will be.

"We were trying to craft a Halo Killer, you know a product that would squarely go after what Bungie built with our partners at Crytek."

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UltraNova2937d ago

OMG now we will see what is going to happen without the open zone!

nix2936d ago

yeah... i miss Open Zone. i could have said anything there and not get banned. sigh.

Montrealien2936d ago

its gone, deal. Now community report this as off topic off topic, rofl.

JsonHenry2936d ago

When I hear people say this type of thing I don't really think that they are talking about actually converting Halo fans to the new series. Just that they are trying to make the next "big thing" in the gaming community with all the buzz and fanfare.

Being a multiplat game that seems (so far as I can tell at this early point) like it is gonna deliver both decent visuals and gameplay I think it has the makings of the next "CoD" like fanbase as a possibility.

toaster2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

As much as I love Crytek I think they seriously need to shut up. Crysis2 Should have been PC exclusive.

chak_2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )


hoping PC version will remain top notch.

I hate the new communication of crytek.

Hideo_Kojima2936d ago

It shouldn't be exclusive but it SHOULD not be held back at all...

If anything they should have made Crysis 2 for PC and then made it for console as a completely separate development project.

It is not like both wouldn't pay off and make a profit on their own.

SixZeroFour2936d ago

theyve been talking a lot recently...they need to deliver now

didnt they talk s**t about master chief and killzone...i mean i get that they are just tackling the big dogs on both consoles, but atleast bungie and GG had respect for each other and their games

Inside_out2936d ago

WOW...really???...another Halo killer...there must be at least 5 this yr alone...

8thnightvolley2936d ago

i knw right... the horde of em keep coming.

StanLee2936d ago

The first Crysis was a mediocre shooter with great visuals. I expect the same from the sequel. Another ugly chick in a pretty dress.

Taker_1292936d ago

Well said!! Nothing is going to kill Halo. The only way Halo can be killed is if Microsoft stops making them.

Chris_TC2936d ago

It's so funny how it's always the people who have never played Crysis in their life call it a "mediocre shooter with great visuals".

FYI: Crysis has a 91% rating on Metacritic based on 56 critic reviews.

Shepherd 2142936d ago

Killzone 2 was the same thing if thats your opinion on the first Crysis. Except is was mostly black. At least Crysis had a color scheme.

mrv3212936d ago

To all those people who say 'nothing can kill halo', well I'm pretty sure the same was said about the numerous popular shooters of their day such as Battlefield 1942.

Will Halo be killed? YEAH. Will it be game you want to play? I don't know, but people still play 1942 as will they Halo.

StanLee2936d ago

Killzone 2 was as generic and mundane as Crysis was. And I have played Crysis. A 91 metacritic doesn't mean anything. They didn't review the game, they reviewed the visuals. As stunning as the game was, the story was asinine and the gameplay dull.

Shepherd 2142936d ago

but i had a blast grabbing Koreans by the throat and throwing them with "Maximum Strength", then turning on "Maximum Speed" and taking off through the jungle to flank a jeep and blow the hell out if it and nearby beach sheds. Add in that most things were destructible, the game had gorgeous visuals, attachments for weapons, and playing on Delta difficulty was a pretty huge challenge, and you have a more than solid FPS.

Therealspy032936d ago

i love me some crysis. i've played through it and warhead about 4 times each.

the multiplayer wasn't very solid, but there are only a handful of single player FPSes that top it.

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Pennywise2936d ago

Halo is a beast... I highly doubt crysis2 will sell even half of what Reach is going to sell.

Solidus187-SCMilk2936d ago

With all the talk of other peoples game im starting to have doubts about this game. I may rent it to try but the PC should be the best version by far.

These guys just want to lure the console people in but by acting better than every popular shooter they can think of they just sound arrogant/worried.

As long as they dont say anything about HL tho.

By the time this game comes out I dont think they will have many fans if they keep this up.

secksi-killer2936d ago

after playing some of the beta. crysis 2 is going to need more than great graphics imo. the beta is great.

Fanb0y2936d ago

If you guys don't mind me asking... where are the Halo trolls?

And I'm serious. There should be an onslaught of them. Are the mods banning them? Removing the comments?

MNicholas2936d ago

If this aspires to live up to it's hype, it better have significantly better visuals than what's been shown so far.

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DanyBrown2936d ago

they talk too much they should concentrate on their own game more.

BeaArthur2936d ago

Agreed, and we've all heard this crap before anyways. The more these guys talk the better I'm expecting their game to be and right now it better be the best thing since sliced bread.

No game really kills another game, not even sequels. I mean people were still playing Halo 2 even after the servers were taken down. I doubt Crysis 2 will have that type of following. I'm not saying it can't be a better game but I doubt it will equate to the same success the Halo franchise has had.

Hideo_Kojima2936d ago

Dude I still play Halo 1 on my PC even though I have a tone of new online games and mainly shooters on it :p

I have yet to come across a game that mixes guns and vehicles so well as halo not even BF can do that.

In Halo if you are good with a particular weapon whether it is the pistol the sniper the grenades or even the warthog and the ghost you can dominate.

Montrealien2936d ago

If you are in the business of making games, you want people talking about it and sometimes you don't have the luxury of a solid fanbase to do it for you, so you have to make some zany claims like this one.

I don't agree with his choice of statement, but I do understand it.

Solidus187-SCMilk2936d ago

they come out with a new statement like this every day. Im pretty bored of crysis 2 already and it isnt even close to release.

I love FPS but they are just begging people to only rent their game, or completely pass over their game, by being so arrogant. If the game isnt A-freaken-mazing that will happen anyways because of such lofty expectations.

I havent heard much about gameplay or anything about c2 except visuals and how its "going to do ______ better than ______ game."

Also the author of the article is a MORON. Saying "halo lives on popularity not quality." HAHAHAHHAhA. Halo is the most polished and feature rich(also one of the first) multiplayer games in CONSOLE HISTORY. Thats why its popular. The reach beta is more polished then Modern warfare 2 for balls sakes.

Convas2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

For them to beat Halo, their going to need a whole lot more than purty colors.

George Sears2936d ago

These devs keep on leveling this game in some ridiculous high plateau. I understand that they need to market this game but damn.

Colonel-Killzone2936d ago

Honestly no first person shooter can never kill halo. Halo will always have a strong fanbase and they will not leave the franchise for crysis. At least with halo in threads they talk about master chief the multiplayer etc. Crysis on the other hand they do not even mention the main character at all. I swear all they do bring up is graphics it has nothing worth mentioning. If your gonna hype the game up tell me why I should be interested in this game. It will flop so don't be surprised.