Get The Protection You Deserve (PlayStation Protection Plan)

Ironstar: "Alright Sony gamers now is the time to protect yourself. For years now Playstation 3 owners have had to worry about their consoles bricking after their warranty expired."

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Mo0eY2852d ago

Fail. I'm a PS3 owner with a three year old system. I assume the demand for this warranty was from the PS3 Phat people because of the laser problems, and what do they give us?

"This extended warranty only covers the slim PS3 models so if you were hoping to protect your precious 60 GB fat PS3 your shit out of luck."


Oh well, if my PS3 goes down, I'll buy a PS3 Slim and make sure to add this whenever I get it.

Wrathman2852d ago

b bu bu bu but ps3's dont break

Jrome2852d ago

they don't break, they just get defective lasers :p, you can still log on and play games on your hard drive etc :p

fluffypillow2852d ago

sucks you can't renew your warranty on the ps3 fat..

morkendo2852d ago

if you were hoping to protect your precious 60 GB fat PS3 your shit out of luck.

lol thought this was classic!! but on serious note YIKES!!! hell i have a 60gb what r we going to do??

duplissi2851d ago

umm, repair it yourself if something goes bad..
its not that hard.

zoks3102852d ago

..But it sucks that it is only for consoles that is still under the first 1 year manufactures warranty.
It would be cool if they had a combined plan for people that own both the PSP and PS3.

DJexs2852d ago

hmm I might look into this

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