Square Enix’s “Project X” will “blow your socks off”

“[David Hoffman] is knee deep in review for Project X,” wrote the Square Enix producer in a Twitter update. “When revealed it will blow your socks off! The media thought SE and GPG was interesting – just wait!”

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kittoo2906d ago

I am not so sure. Will believe when I see it.

Mo0eY2906d ago

Anything past 10 has sucked. Yes, I've played the MMO. It's a grindfest. Square needs a Japanese RPG competitor such as Enix. Without that, Square will release mediocre games.

iamtehpwn2906d ago

Is...Project KH3 or re: FF 6/7/8

rockleex2906d ago

Xenogears!!!! >:D

Exclusively on PS3.

To compete against Xenoblade that's coming out for the Wii.

*wakes up*

*Wada announces Project X as a JRPG released exclusively on the 360... and only in Japan*


TotalPS3Fanboy2905d ago

is Xenogears 2: Episode 6.

The collaborating company is Monolith.

Transporter472906d ago

but is not the best one out of all of them, most people don't like it because what they did is new i like it because it is a new experience, i mean don't get me wrong i like the traditional ones better FFVII, VIII, IX, X, and hell even XII, but i mean if they don't try something new how will they try to improve, you know even though Square has changed a lot they do try to satisfy their fans and hopefully their new Project will please many of them :)

darkmurder2906d ago

Somehow I don't think so.

JoySticksFTW2906d ago

S-E always tries some new combat system twist each FF, so I was open to it

Where FFXIII fell apart for me was that busted story.

It truly felt gutted and hacked to sh!t; like all of the character development was ripped out of it.

It's funny how S-E said that one reason the game was made more linear was to control the story, but the linearity and flat story were probably FFXIII's two biggest weaknesses (with crap villain and lack of character development being the other two)

That all said, I can't wait for Versus. It seems the director of that game won't let his vision be compromised. And I'm busting to try FFXIV (had a lot of fun in the early days of FFXI)

And as for the huge S-E reveal, I'd love for it to be the much begged for FFVII remake (hinted at in the Crisis Core ending), but I don't know if S-E hears it's fans anymore.

S-E needs to become plain old Squaresoft and Enix again... or absorb Mistwalker. Neither of which I see happening sadly

hay2906d ago

Square undewhelmes lately. All their mindboliwng and other awesome or otherwise highly requested games happen to be nothing special in conclusion.

I refuse to be hyped again by their announcement's announcement.

But I hope it's complete FF6 remake...

Bigpappy2906d ago

I am beginning to think I have out grown "Square". They are unable to grab my attention with their kiddy to teenybopper writing and art direction. along with their non-evolving gameplay. Here is hoping I and wrong this time.

darksied2905d ago

I was wondering how to word it, but you did it perfectly. I also have "out grown Square." Sad, but true. For me though, it's not so much that they don't grab my attention, because whenever I see the name square/square-enix I look, but their games have taken a serious drop in quality. When was the last good game that square made? Seriously? FF10 maybe. FF12 was a pseudo-MMO, with terrible cardboard cutout characters and no real bad guys. 13 ... nuff said. I think it's time, for me, to start ignoring the name Square-Enix, until they pull their act together.

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Paradise2906d ago

How much you want to bet it's Bungie?

Obama2906d ago

If it's not a remake of ff7 for the ps3 I won't be blown off. I would almost agree with Mooey, except that ff12 is not that bad. It's not a masterpiece but still enjoyable.

anonymous2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Only out of pure anger and rage.

Just make a great RPG again. I miss FFX and below.

rCrysis2906d ago

^^^ That's me. I'm still confused and in awe of this new layout

takslatah2906d ago

Please be a FFVII remake! That would make my year!!!

fatleon52905d ago

That and that or a new game in the Chrono series :D I would love that but I highly doubt it.

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