IGN: Rage Preview

Tim Willits wanted to stress one thing when he recently gave an extended demo of Rage: this is the next big thing from id software. Remember, these are the guys that invented the shooter through timeless classics like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. This is the company with a technical lead that dabbles in rocket science in his spare time. Rage isn't a spin-off, an add-on, or a one-off. This is the best, current example of what happens when id goes all-in on a new franchise.

And based on what was shown in that demo, that means that gamers should prepare to be blown away.

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unworthyBOZO3023d ago

The graphics in this game look sick.

darkmurder3023d ago

Finally a proper PC game.

cmrbe3023d ago

My PC can run this game when it releases. Yes i know it will be on consoles as well but this game is made for PC.

Sarobi3023d ago

My PC Won't be able to run it most likely, and this is one of those games where it would be best to have it on the pc rather then on a console

cmrbe3023d ago

Fingers crossed hehe but games like this and Crysis 2 should be played on the PC if you have the option.

Can't wait for Starcraft 2. Been waiting for that game for over 12 years now. Wish there are more PC exclusives that are not held back by consoles.

I love consoles and they are my main platform for gaming but PC has its unique place for RTS and FPS for me personally. I hate the fact that this is changing with PC devs catering more for consoles. Thank God for Blizzard.

Marquis_de_Sade3023d ago

Simply stunning, can't wait for this!

micro_invader3023d ago

This has really caught my attention. I never really bothered to take a look at this game back when it was announced. Now though, I'm extremely interested in this game. Really can't wait to see more.

Cajun Chicken3023d ago

I really don't think it'll be a Doom or a Quake, I fear that unlike normal for Id, what they've tried to do has already been done. Although, Id does have that magic in how a first person game feels.

ATi_Elite3022d ago

your right Rage won't be like Doom because Doom 4 is on it's way.

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The story is too old to be commented.