How Sony Could 'Win' E3: An IGN Conversation

IGN - It's hard to believe, but the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo is just a few weeks away. E3 is where the big three pull out all the punches. It's where new systems are announced, where the biggest games of the coming years are shown for the first time, and where Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo try and convince gamers that they're going to be the platform for their needs.

Each and every year, the big three square off in press conferences, and when it's all said and done, the fans are left to sit down and decide which company put on the best show, which company gave us the most to talk about and – in general – which company "won" E3.

So what can Sony do this year to win the hearts and minds of us, the gamers, at this year's E3? Here are some thoughts from the IGN Staff.

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cmrbe3024d ago

reveal GT5 release date. Thats all they need to do to win E3.

mugoldeneagle033024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Sony has a ton of stuff to show off, both old and new. I expect:

PS Move blowout. New games, updates, hands on demo's, etc.

Games? How about GT5, SOCOM 4, Last Guardian, FF XIV/Versus, Agent, Agency, DC Universe, not including unannounced games like Jaffes new title (Twisted Metal?), *Starhawk (pending title), Resistance 3 and Killzone 3.

Oh and all the multiplats like Arkham Asylum 2, MOH, COD Black Ops, New Vegas, Force Unleashed 2, Dead Rising, just about anything else.

And lets not forget about 3D. I'm sure with Sony pushing out their new line of 3D TV's they'll have plenty of games to show off using it. Hopefully some PSP games/news too

This isn't to say Microsoft and Nintendo will automatically have a crappy E3, just that Sony has a ton of stuff to show off.

keysy4203023d ago

compared to all the other companies ms and nintendo the playstation brand has more to show. there is alot we are expecting from sony at e3. 1 premuim service cross game chat using skype, that would win it off the back. but then the games there is alot and even more that have been mentioned but not talked about.then you have the move. seriously it may not be for everybody but if they annouce a boxing game from what i know about the move thats all they need.really with the way that sone have been going they dont even need to show a new psp. i think with what we know right now that sony may show the show is already won. in terms of that next leap. i know what games nintendo is going to show and im grabbing a handful of them. depending on what bungie shows reach may fall the the wayside. so im really intrested in seeing what ms does because live isnt the selling point it once was with the ps3 having free online and getting better each day.natal isnt even intresting, no forced feed back and no, controller sucks a big one. its a cool idea but it an eyetoy and those games kinda sucked. i just dont get why the hell you would want to play a racer without the controller or a steering wheel, i wouldnt want to drive without something in real life so it just doesnt make sense. still im waiting and seeing. hopefully ms has some games up there seleeve because they dont really have anyhting. maybe we will get mass effect 3 or some other companies franchise from back in the day like bond killer intestinct or parasite eve all of which wont come.

also maybe just maybe home will get a trophy room and video uploading.

Wrathman3023d ago Show
young juice3023d ago

maybe you should open your eyes.

rockleex3023d ago

That GT5 is the last thing left in gaming for him.

ABizzel13023d ago

Sony has a ton of stuff, the only way I can see Sony having a bad conference is if they have too much stuff going on.

If their conference is boring, doesn't show enough content, or don't have a good pace then it can take away from all the content.

MetalFreakMike3023d ago

This E3 has gotten me really excited. All the games that has been spilling out of the rumor mill and some that we all know will come has me thinking this could be one of the biggest E3's in a long time.

Sony has so much to show and MS has some games to show..........well the ones we know about anyway... Nintendo will have a new Mario (As always) and some newer stuff also.

I might have to take a loan out from the bank to afford the games that are coming out next year and beyond.

M-Easy3023d ago

Now that is a "well said" bubble.

KillaManiac3023d ago

Jaffe already said he wasn't planning on attending E3 so I would not expect his title to be announced without him to do it.

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PS360PCROCKS3024d ago

mug - no offense but most of those games you mentioned that are multi-platform will probably be shown on xbox 360, when aren't they?

mugoldeneagle033024d ago

No offense taken bro, and yeah, I figure MS will "feature" most of them in their keynote but we still get to play them. That's all I care about.

Plus looking at the short list I'd say I wouldn't be surprised if Arkham, Medal of Honor and Force Unleashed are shown off by Sony.

PS360PCROCKS3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

oh hell ya all I care about is playing them as well man. All I currently have is a PS3 so I wanna see them shown off on PS3. Microsoft is desperate though to show off as much as possible.

also let me add replying to a reply of a reply is AWESOME!

cmrbe3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Yes i know but what everyone is waiting for is GT5 release date above all else. Move and 3d will be definate and a slew of old exclusive franchise and new franchise sequals will be announced. Sony will own regardless as they have done the hardyard. It's now time to reap thei benefits of investing in first party, new top of the notch real exclusive and future proofing the PS3.

Sony's momentumn is unstoppable.

MS has everything to lose. Don't be surprise if ME an ME2 is announced for PS3 this fall.

mugoldeneagle033024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I agree, and it's one of the top headlines going into E3 that I want as well. Just saying there's a bunch more to be excited about as well!

eggbert3023d ago

I don't think ME 1 can legally go on the PS3. I remember reading something about how that game has to remain on the 360/PC because of some deal between MS and bioware.

ME2 isn't under the same deal, so that could technically go multiplatform I guess.

Also, I'm stoked for InFamous 2. Loved the first one, but I never bothered getting all the damn shards.

JD_Shadow3023d ago

That's what I was gonna say. One thing that Sony could do that would create a bunch of win for them is to have that "FF13 to 360" announcement. The Mass Effect trilogy coming to PS3 would definitely rank up there as that kind of announcement.

fenix13003023d ago

this is off topic but w/e
I have never been a fan of racing games, the only racing game I have played was mariokart for the 64. GT5 really looks interesting to me and just maybe the first racing game that I buy. my question is will I be able to enjoy the game? As I understand it gt5 is the pinnacle of realistic racing so would someone like me (who frankly flat out sucks at racing games) be able to enjoy the game?
I realize that gt5 is not out yet so guess you could base your answer previous iterations of the game.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

1. Gran Turismo 5 release date
2. Rockstar North's Agent revealed
3. Jaw-dropping gameplay demonstration of The Last Guardian
4. Kevin Butler

That is all, but because I can dream of a perfect E3...

5. Syphon Filter
6. Killzone 3
7. Starhawk
8. inFamous 2
9. Twisted Metal
10. Resistance 3
11. SOCOM 4
12. LittleBigPlanet 2
13. Persona 5
14. MotorStorm 3
15. Mass Effect 1 and 2 coming to PS3 on one blu-ray disc

sikbeta3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Guys, any-1 knows where is the Comment history section?


Gran Turismo 5: release Date + Gameplay
Killzone 3: Trailer
Resistance 3: Trailer
Motorstorm 3 + updated Physics Engine
Syphon Filter PS3 Trailer
Twisted Metal PS3 Trailer + Gameplay
Agent + New Info + Trailer
The Agency + Gameplay
The Last Guardian: Epic New trailer + Gameplay
God of War: Ghost of Sparta Trailer
Minority Report by PS-Move

Cevapi883023d ago

you couldnt have made a better think of what they will include with the Move, maybe a new PSP and something new in terms of the PS3 such as upgrades to online and another feature so as to calm everybody down over the Other OS removal

nnotdead3023d ago

i like the list, but i already have ME on PC, so no need for #15

THC CELL3023d ago

u no what would also be funny if they said GT6 is coming lol

Sony will win e3

Lbp2 i want and killzone 3 and R3 and More move games like DS2

xXRight3yeXx3023d ago

GT5 is the single game that can skyrocket the PS3's sales most. It'll basically carry PS3 on it's shoulders.

SasanovaS19873023d ago

i just got my G27 in the mail, all i need now is a GT5 release date

Robert Patrick3023d ago

Sony will not disappoint this year, my confidence in Sony is at new heights.

Christopher3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I honestly don't want a single winner. I want Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to do their best to win but result in a huge tie. Why? Because in the end the biggest winner then would be me with them all working their hardest to make gaming more enjoyable for me.

Sony has a lot of potential at E3 with:
- More PS Move implementation into third-party/first-party hardcore games
- More PS3 exclusive announcements
- Release dates for FFXIV and DC Universe Online with pricing details
- Announcement of PSN enhancements (been dreaming of trophies for PSP games)
- Announcement of additional third-party partnerships to bring more media features to the PS3 (TV, music, videos)
- Kevin Butler: you know most people would have an orgasm if he was able to emcee the whole PS3 conference and given some leeway to throw his own jokes into the mix.

WildArmed3023d ago

Sony has a lot going for it this year.
With MMOs like Free Realms, FF14, DC Universe, Agent, etc etc being kept under the wraps, a release date or two might do wonders.

Ofcourse then we have games like GT5 and Socom getting a firmer date, including PS Move.

I'm not saying it's going to be an easy win, the competitors are also have alot of hidden aces.
Esp. Nintendo.. i mean Metriod + Zelda + *new mario game* is pretty big news.

Here's to a great e3!

BattleAxe3023d ago

Infamous 2
Syphon Filter
Resistance 3
Killzone 3
Socom 4

......................nuff said. Competition destroyed.

Lifendz3023d ago

GT5 this holiday season and gamers everywhere rejoice.

Oner3023d ago

@ cmrbe ~ I agree. Yes there are lots of games coming up for the PS3 (as well as other consoles) but GT5 is probably THE most important game that will be at E3 for Sony and it will be huge. It's almost like getting a reboot but not in a "hhhmmm I'm not so sure" bad way...The attention to detail, quality & feel is what will reminiscently be like when the first GT hit the PS and made everyone step back and say WOW! This will be a World Wide phenomenal game that everyone who has ever followed the GT series is looking forward to, because it's finally reaching that level where Yamauchi has dreamed of for so long.

Maddens Raiders3023d ago

thanks Ken Kutaragi, for all you have given us.

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renegade3023d ago

That would be enough and annouce killzone 3, resistance 3..

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LordMarius3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

They just have to show up

PS360PCROCKS3023d ago

HALEY! My wife, yummy, I'm 25 but damn she's so hot.

Orange Juice3023d ago

agreed, twisted metal would steal the show.

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knightdarkbox3024d ago

i can't wait for e3. but i have a great feeling that the main focus of sony will be motion controlling and that to me is terrible. motion controlling is doing to games what 3d is doing to movies. I think to be honest it will be a slow year for sony.

keysy4203023d ago

what planet are you on i wont even go to the movies unless its in 3d. everything is 3d.

mookins3023d ago


You're kidding, right?