IGN AU: Alan Wake Review

Alan Wake is not quite the revelatory experience we hoped it would be, but it’s a solid and entertaining game that’s rich in atmosphere, with good combat mechanics and an intriguing story. It’s a shame Remedy didn’t evolve the gameplay a little more as the game progressed – a wider variety of enemies in particular would have been appreciated, and we think there are definitely some missed opportunities to really make the player panic – a few of the set pieces fell flat, while stripping Alan of his torch and weapons repeatedly didn’t serve enough of a purpose. Even so, this is a game that deserves to be played to the end.

Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 7.0

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Ghoul3119d ago

guys its a great game,

whats your problem ? i dont get it. play it or not its your decision no need to start hating on it or making it look bad.

since when is a game only good when it reaches a met of 90+ ???

wrong world seriously

be a gamer play games not consoles

cmrbe3119d ago

They are the ones that came up with that stupid notion when 90+ x360 exclusives outnumber 90+ PS3 exclusives as well as putting down early PS3 games like Uncharted 1, RC TOD, HS etc for not getting over 90+ early on the PS3 lifecycle.

Now that there are more PS3 exclsuives above 90+ on meta and one of their biggest hope failing to live up to the hype they are suddenly happy with 8 scores.

Ghoul3119d ago

"Ask X360 fans
They are the ones" ??ß

who are they ?
im a gamer i own all plattforms.

its not about consoles.

Xeoset3119d ago

No, there aren't more 90+ games on the PS3, compared to the Xbox 360. Hell, there aren't as many 80+ games on the PS3 as they are on the Xbox 360.

Also, a copy and paste job:

AA games suck now? So, you guys think:

Wipeout HD
Ratchet and Clank
Heavy Rain
Wipeout HD Fury
Resistance 2
Valkyria Chronicles
ModNation Racers

...are something to scoff at? I'll take your opinion for it then, these games must blow chunks.

Anyway, I cannot wait to pick this game up, it's going to be AWESOME!

rockleex3119d ago

"Now that there are more PS3 exclsuives above 90+ on meta..."

He did not say there are more 90+ games on PS3 than 360.

presto7173119d ago

This game is definitely a solid game. Now i dont have an xbox, and i dont know if I'll ever get one, but based on the footage of Alan Wake I've seen, the game looks really good (esp in the dark areas) and plays nice.

If this game was also on ps3 and pc, I think people would have embraced it more.

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WhittO3119d ago

8.5 is a good score and seems like what it deserves from what I have seen.

People complaining about 8.5 for graphics must still be in denial that most of their game-play trailers were not actually in-game (or rendered on a high-end pc lol).

vhero3119d ago

but the graphics got 8.5 and not a 10 most are not giving graphics max score meaning its definetly no uncharted beater. I think thats what most people wanted to know here with this game. The Xbox fanboys will finally shut up and we can finally enjoy some real reviews rather than comparisons with graphics.

eggbert3119d ago

I think your making a mistake their. What your saying makes sense, which doesn't work out with fanboys.

Even if the graphics of this game aren't as good as they were said to be, fanboys will never accept it. Vice Versa, there are fanboys that just won't accept that this game seems pretty good.

The game looks good though. It's not getting AMAZING scores, but it's definitely one of the better games to be coming out for the 360. I'll probably get my friend to rent it since he owns a 360 (I have PS3/PC).

GiantEnemyCrab3119d ago

So how many of your PS3 fanboys are going to troll this review with the same bullsh*t?

Just wondering...

PopEmUp3118d ago

same goes to your boyfriends crab, when they troll ps3 games review :)

rekonizakilla3119d ago

those scores don't average a 8.5 they average 8.2. I know it's just a little different, but they (ign) did the same with scc.

Shang-Long3119d ago

The war continues one the new N4G lol it's nice to be back lol.
On topic I was expecting somewhere in the 9's.

MNicholas3119d ago

Blurry textures
Low poly objects.
Ultra low res shadows (worst dithering I've ever seen)
Very limited dynamic lighting and shadows.

It's a good thing that a lot of the game happens in the dark.

Compare that with this other sub-HD game:

presto7173119d ago

Love em!! Cant wait till the next one comes out.

dizzleK3119d ago

i forgot how good sh3 looked

GiantEnemyCrab3119d ago

There is no competition with those screens so what is your point? Alan Wake is head and shoulders above that. You hate everything 360 and MS what changed?? You go out and buy a 360 because you act like you've played it?

MNicholas3119d ago

I actually expected the lighting to be pretty good but instead it appears to have been greatly dialed down.

Look at the first pic of Alan Wake I linked to.

The lighting is simply unrealistic.

Ever used a flash light in a lit room? It doesn't look anything like that. Then there's the truly horrendous dithering for the shadows.

The other shot shows just how low res the textures are. The poly count is terrible as well. See that metal thing he's standing next to? Look at the wheel. It's almost square.

Not sure why you, or anyone, would be impressed with these visuals. If you are, I'd honestly like to know what you see in it.

PeptoBismol3119d ago

oh goody, Crab is back to his bi-polar ways again

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Carlton Banks3119d ago

JOY - "They're very different in style but Alan Wake graphics are something to behold, the pics are right there and although UC2 looks great theres no doubt to me that Alan Wake comes out on top."

Socomnik - "These might be the best graphics on any game this gen. The lighting engine is way more advanced than anything I've ever seen. "

ManiacMansion - "This game is the best looking console game this gen. The DAY scenes/ gameplay look simply unbelievable. "
Shiftycoot - "Best looking game so far on any console and 20-30 Hours Long and all this on DVD......hold on let me pinch myself...........nope i'm not dreaming.......G.O.T.Y 2010."

I'll just leave these here.

PS360_373119d ago

new site...same old trolls

keep up the good work Carlton

GiantEnemyCrab3119d ago

These were posted in an AW thread not in a Sony game thread. What is your problem with people generally excited about a game??

Are you the FN hype police or something? Nobody get excited about a game unless you get Carlton's permission.. unless it's a PS3 game of course then he won't save his little trolling quotes.

Carlton Banks3119d ago

Don't worry I will do this 2 if PS3 fanboys end up ridiculously overhyping a game :)

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secksi-killer3119d ago

but the stupid "he started it mentality" remains. i suppose hoping for improvements in the community aswell as the site look is too much to ask for!!

anyway, i have alan wake on pre-order and cant wait to play it.

Disclaimer. i own all three consoles by the way

dustgavin3119d ago

Do you think this is 'Extreme Site Makeover'? Seems odd to think that people would change just because the site has a new layout.

SonyOwnsNextYear3119d ago

there will always be kids posting flamebait comments. I remember when i first came to this "troll breeding grounds" of a website. It was pro-ms all the way. everyone denied it, but it was crystal clear. I have been gaming for over a decade and i have never seen gamers act this way. It pretty much all started when microsoft joined the video game industry. I think M$ fans are just childish, immature and disrespectful. They seem to be the type of people that will threaten your life online, but meet them face to face and they will act mute. Oh well. We finally are seeing where all their boastingand bullsh1t has led them to: nowhere.

FACTUAL evidence3119d ago

LOL! Oh, so now it's okay to get below a 9, but when WKC, and heavy rain didn't get AAA status it was a huge fail. Oh i like this...

FlameBaitGod3119d ago

Xeoset you do know ps3 has the highest rated exclusives right ? You want me to list all the 89 rated exclusives on the 360? it wouldn't fit on the page. Don't believe me ?
Ill still get disagrees tho, kids cant handle the truth this days

ReservoirDog3163119d ago

Well, IGN AU is easily the best review site (look at old reviews and tell me they're not always on the dot). So Alan Wake looks to be a very solid game. I can't afford it day 1 with RDR and Mario out just a few days before but it's definitely a must buy for me down the line.

gaffyh3119d ago

I'm slightly surprised it isn't 9+, anyway, I'll play it soon and see why they didn't give it a higher score.

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CR-Y-SIS3119d ago ShowReplies(2)
Solbadguy3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I'm still getting this game along with Red Dead Redemption. My main problem with this game is the 545p resolution so I'm hoping for a PC version in the near future, I'd double dip.

silvacrest3119d ago

but for a game that has taken this long to come out, anything less then a 9 is kinda disappointing

UltraNova3119d ago

You're right but lets wait to play it first..