PS3 Sells Out At CompUSA Stores & Limited Stock @ CompUSA Online

On Monday Sony announced that the PS3 60GB model would now retail for $499 and that in August a new Sku of 80GB would be introduced for the retail price of $599. Also Jack Tretton Stated at the Sony E3 2007 Press Conference that PS3 sales had doubled at 5 of North America's major retailers. If you take a look at the PS3 web page at you will see that it says "Quantities limited. 1 per customer." also you will see that is says "Not Available In-Store".

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hotshot12374027d ago

this is good 4 sony. now developers will stop puttin there stuff on the 360 maybe. guess we will c.

mrk014027d ago

Theres only so much space in a 9 gig DVD, I mean, the short level shown at E3 of Killzone 2 already takes 2 gigs and its still in pre-pre-alpha.
-Blu-ray is the future, bubbles for Sony.

Also Known As4026d ago

isnt sony going to lower the price even further? It'd be dumb to buy one before they do.

Tsukasah4027d ago

Now, if this were the case on bestbuy, circuit city, gamestop, eb games, and wal-mart, i would be insanely impressed =P it will probably happen eventually, but maybe near the end of the month

kornbeaner4027d ago

This is great news for the PS3, as far as sales go cause god knows they have been struggling in that department. But amazon holds a little more yippie!! factor for me, considering CompUSA just closed about 3/4 of their stores nationwide.

Still good news though.

EZCheez4027d ago

It would be more impressive news from a chain that was not going bankrupt.

Douglasp4027d ago

How All the Compusa Stores In Los angeles closed 2 months ago.
Where are they left.?

cdzie14027d ago

I noticed sales have leveled off on Amazon, the stock has been the same for hours now. Within a week, I predict sales will return to their normal, dismal, numbers..

warfed24027d ago

eating your own words yet?

"Nah.. this is a one day bump because they are the first to drop their price. Let's see what happens after MS lowers the 360 price on Tuesday."

first it's a day, now it's a week, what's next a month?

Torch4027d ago

You may want to take a peek at Sony's buffet of razzle-dazzle HD trailers from yesterday...

Because if you do, I predict that YOU'LL predict that they will NOT return to their normal, dismal, numbers. ;)

novaIS3504027d ago

By leveled off you mean still at number 1?

cdzie14027d ago

Did you notice how standalone Blu-ray player sales are dropping like crazy? The $500 BD-300 isn't even on the eProduct wars list anymore! Why would someone buy that when a PS3 is the same price? Sony is competing against itself!

Blu-ray is getting killed in standalone players, getting only 30% of the US market, HD DVD has the rest. In Europe, HD DVD has captured a whopping 74% of the market! (link below)

I’m not going to play dumb, I know Blu-ray is outselling HD DVD 2 to 1 when it comes to movies. BUT, the fact that almost all those sales are from PS3 has the Blu-ray group very nervous (hence the 5 free movie promotion). Why? Because 1 HD DVD player sold is worth 4 PS3s sold, according to movie sales data. In other words, when someone buys an HD DVD player, they are buying as many movies as 4 PS3 owners. And general concern among Blu-ray supporters is that once great games come out for PS3, Blu-ray sales will fall off the table.

Fast forward to this fall and winter, we’re looking at $199 HD DVD players and (likely) $399 standalone Blu-ray players. We should also see a $129 to $150 Xbox 360 HD DVD device. When you start hitting those numbers (which HD DVD will certainly do, they are already $250 on Amazon today) you reach a much broader market. In fact, the average family in America spends about $700 on Christmas (approx $200 on each kid). $400 or $500 out of that is nearly the entire budget! But $200 is a perfect price point. An industry survey backs this up: “A spokesman for the HD DVD group told Reuters that surveys indicate that 70 percent of consumers would buy a high-def disc player if the price was under $200. But he refused to say when prices would hit that level.”


Torch4026d ago

Sorry, but I see some contradiction within your argument:

You begin by stating that no one will buy a stand-alone Blu-Ray player when they can get the same thing in a PS3.

You then continue on to say that stand-alone Blu-Ray players represent only 30% of the US market.

Well, if your first point is accurate (and it likely is), then that means having thirty percent of the market comprised of stand-alone Blu-Ray players is ABSOLUTELY HUGE!

That would mean that the HD player market is comprised of no less than sixty percent Blu-Ray (by applying your aforementioned logic, and conservatively assuming that no less than fifty percent of all Blu-Ray players are PS3's...since, to paraphrase: 'someone wouldn't buy a stand-alone player when they could get a PS3 for the same price.'

That said, a no-less-than sixty percent market share puts Blu-Ray in an extremely cozy lead...especially following all of the pro-Blu-Ray momentum as of late...a far-cry from your perceived domination by HD-DVD .

And who's to say that the Blu-Ray camp isn't going to introduce an HD-DVD-killer at circa $199 themselves, come this Christmas??? (a la 60GB PS3!)

Nonetheless, I reckon that all of the above may be redundant by then.

Because, by the looks of it, I reckon that the Blu-Ray camp (greatly thanks to Sony and their 'self-competing' PS3) is well on its way to outright obliterating mainstream HD-DVD right out of the water, well before HD-DVD even gets a chance to react for the '07 holidays.

cdzie14026d ago

Let’s put it into perspective: As big as we think videogames are (and they are big), the sales of game consoles are dwarfed by regular DVD player sales. I don’t know about you, but I have 4 TVs in my house and every one has a DVD player attached.

Someone who buys an HD DVD player does it for one thing: to hook it up to an HDTV and watch movies. With PS3, statistics show that a large percentage of them are not even hooked up to HDTVs and the attach rate is 1 movie sold per system. Counting all PS3s sold, there are 5 Blu-ray players for every 1 HD DVD player, yet movie sales are not 5 to 1, they are only 2 to 1. That is a major red flag. That tells us that most PS3 buyers are not interested in Blu-ray movies.

I don’t think we’ll have cheap Blu-ray players this year. They are more expensive to make than HD DVD players and the standalone players aren’t selling well. Samsung just announced a new player for September with an MSRP of $549. We may see a $399 Blu-ray player, but that is as low as we’ll get. What if Sony goes $300 on a Blu-ray player and people stop buying PS3s? They lose to Xbox. What if they stay $400-$500 on Blu-ray players? The lose ground to HD DVD. What if they go $300 on PS3 & Blu-ray players? Sony loses a ton of money on each unit sold, Microsoft lowers it’s prices and Toshiba does too. Sony does NOT want to go down that road. I’m sorry, but Sony may be in a tight spot here. They had some great games, but very little for this year. They are betting everything on PS3’s success and it may pay off, it may not. Instead of fighting one battle, they are battling Microsoft Xbox on one side and Toshiba HD DVD on the other, and they are on the wrong side on the price advantage on both fronts.

So, we’ll see who’s right this coming Holiday, it should be interesting. I know both sides will have guns a’ blazing! I won’t be able to respond, as this is my last bubble.

Biphter4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

and thats the most important thing. Disc sales.

If PS3 sales increase thats more potential Blu-Ray customers. if say PS3 sales start to be 10 to 1 on HD-DVD standalones, Even if only 1 out of 5 PS3 owners buy a blu-ray disc its still double. You can talk till your blue in the face with stats, but the reality is Blu-Ray is killing HD-DVD.

Where did you get that figure for HD-DVD in Europe? Well Regardless, I live in Denmark and am a native Brit. Everywhere I go I see Blu-Ray films, be it UK or Denmark. That means everyone else sees Blu-Ray films, not HD-DVD. Here there is a big perception that there is only ONE format and its called "Blu-Ray HD-DVD". Its a bit stupid I know, but people are recognising "Blu-Ray" as the HD format and think that "HD-DVD" is just a description of it. Blu-Ray is getting the bollocks advertised off it and people are seeing the words "Blu-Ray" and its connecting as the Sucessor to DVD in most general peoples minds, even my wifes mum was asking me about this "Blue Ray Thing" and if she'd need a Hi Def TV soon.

I own a PS3 and am a dedicated movie fan too, I've bought more Blu-Ray movies than PS3 Games as of now (not because of lack of games available either) and I partly bought the PS3 as a "Cheap" Blu-Ray player with the added bonus that it plays all my PS1/2 games and the future prospect of PS3 games. I will continue to buy Blu-ray movies, moreso than DVD's. I'm sure i'm not the only PS3 owner in the world who is doing this and will continue to.

The only thing now is choice, as more and more games and movies appear on Blu-Ray then more of the masses will notice.

Bottom line, studio support + retail support + Disc Sales = Win format war. Not Hardware sales.

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