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Anything it could do to irritate the player is quickly made up for with a consistently striking character, intriguing cutscene, or thrilling stand-off against an encroaching force of possessed and gibbering mountain hicks. Alan Wake wears its own anomalous sense of style with pride and that alone earns enough credit to spend on inefficient dodging or unfair ambush attacks.

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PeptoBismol2907d ago

i was expecting a higher score :(

La Chance2907d ago

You got some...euh...really high expectations.

M-Easy2907d ago

He was expecting higher because destructoid are such 360 fanboys

StanLee2907d ago

Since when? Destructoid are far from 360 fanboys.

sikbeta2907d ago

They are not fanboys, they are Flamers...

-MD-2907d ago

9 isn't high enough?

krisq2907d ago

to see this is a good score.

Nicholas Cage2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

it seems they liked it i guess, not quite the "omg its incredible!!!: type of game, but it is good.

2907d ago
u got owned2907d ago

@ Nicholas Cage

Do you have to go into every AW review thread mentioning the meta score? Are you that insecure?

Ghoul2907d ago

jeez guys,

every alan wake comment gets trolled to the ground.

its a great game buy it or leave it, bishock heavyrain battlfield bad company got mixed reviews too and ended up in the mid 80 meta scores wich are all games i love to the bone and greatly enoyed the ride they provided.

nix2907d ago

so, there's only two ways after that. either it lives up to it. or it nose dives with it's tail on fire.

tuglu_pati2907d ago

@ nix

No it get trolled because is an exclusive and that's the way it goes in N4g. It doesn't matter if is a xbox or PS3 exclusive it will always get trolled.

dangert122907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

I just order the limited collectors edition.It is the first collectors edition i've brought and 1 game i have brought online i had to shop around though cause the collectors edition is selling for loads and is selling out on loads of sites i got it for £39.99 i'm going 2 laugh at every one who buys there version from the shop and for 3 pound less miss out on alot =')

HolyOrangeCows2907d ago

I pity you.

What surprises me, though, is that Metacritic DOES.

dangert122907d ago

i just look at the reviews to see pro's and cons i've seen multiply game play clips and i have made mind on getting the game i'm not buying it coz he said its good im buying it cause i want hence the reason im getting limited edition

PeptoBismol2907d ago

whoa, 11 disagrees so far. lolllllll

s8anicslayer2907d ago

A 9 is high enough? Still a great game.

tuglu_pati2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Are you been sarcastic or not? I cant tell. But 9 is an excellent score or is it that it has to be 9.5 or up for a game to be good.

sikbeta2907d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

"A 9 is high enough [!]"

Fixed for ya

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La Chance2907d ago ShowReplies(5)
ClownBelt2907d ago

I kinda see a similarity in Alan Wake and Deadly Premonition.

DigitalAnalog2907d ago

"Deadly Premonition" is "Red Seeds Profile" on the PS3.

-End statement

KwietStorm2907d ago

Most of these reviews sound like they're saying there are some at least somewhat significant issues with the gameplay, yet the pros apparently outweigh the cons. This game was the reason I got this box 3 years ago, so I guess it's time to dust it off. Been waiting long enough.

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