Cevat Yerli talks Crysis 2 tech, console hurdles

GameSpot: The original Crysis is still held in high esteem by many who see it as one of the pinnacles of PC gaming visuals. So when Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli recently showed off Crysis 2 running off an Xbox 360, many were wondering if the cross-platform sequel would live up to the graphical benchmarks of the original. From our brief look at the game last month, we were left more than impressed at what we saw, with Crysis 2 looking extremely sharp. So what did Crytek do to its proprietary CryEngine 3--the tech powering Crysis 2--to get the game up to speed on consoles? GameSpot chatted to Yerli to find out how the sandbox nature of Crysis 2 affected console development, as well as gauge his views on the future of graphics in games.

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Chris_TC3025d ago

"This generation is technically bound now."

And 720 and PS4 are years away. That's progress in the 21st century, people.

Shaman3025d ago

Naw...thats the global economical situation.I think neither developers,neither MS and Sony or gamers could believe this gen could now last 5 yrs and still deliver great looking games,and it seems like that will continue.