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Ultimately, how much you enjoy Alan Wake’s rollercoaster ride depends on how invested you become in its sophisticated yarn. And it’s one hell of a story, capped off by a quiet, breathtaking denouement that makes good on the opening lines of Alan’s initial descent.

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darkmurder2850d ago

Seems like its a pretty good game!

Jaybad542850d ago

Reviews have been good, not stellar but ill still be picking it up on release

thereapersson2850d ago

9/10 is an excellent score. Personally, I've been waiting for a game to take over the flashlight-based game play since Silent Hill made it popular, and it's nice to see Alan Wake take it that much further into the next-generation realm.

Marcelles252850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

in this day games that come out with AAA production value should be getting 9's or higher. and with reviewers being more generous than ever anything below 9 isnt a good score, and this is from xbox magazine and only got a 9.

thats the straight truth whether you like it or not. im sure the game will be good though.

Montrealien2850d ago

Sorry Marcelles, you seem to be confusing truth with opinion.

/on topic

I can' t wait for this game, it looks like a very solid 3rd person shooter made by Remedy, what more can we ask? lol

Droid Smasha2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

this game looks good. after giantbomb did there QL its a must buy for me

ThatArtGuy2850d ago

Haunted House for the 2600 was the first video game with flashlight gameplay.

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Inside_out2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

That's a review...that's why Francesca Reyes is a class act...The first paragraph puts her in a league by her self...

" In a game about balance...light and dark, choice and fate, literal and figurative...for one of them to succeed, the other has to stumble "...

Great review...Reading that after just reading that idiot over on Nowgamer is comical....That kid over there is clueless talking in riddles and saying nothing....

This game has always been day one and still is....epic....all these reviewers now all of a sudden with there bad reviews trying to score some hits after the Euro review...which is over 700 hits now...LOL...

Blackfrican2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

...I can say that I did enjoy the game. I am not very much of a single player gamer, so I was not expecting myself to enjoy it. However, the story is told in such a way that I have never experienced before. Whether it be throughout a cut-scene, through a page of the manuscript, or during gameplay, Alan is constantly narrating the story. This gives you no option but to be engrossed in the events happening at all times. The writes of this game, although at times guilty of over-glamorizing the 'writer' Alan Wake, do a professional job here. I was surprisingly impressed with the overall experience of Alan Wake.

BattleAxe2850d ago

I would guess that an xbox magazine would think that an xbox game is a good

FACTUAL evidence2850d ago

This is like one of my most anticipated games this year...I'm truly excited for this to come!

FlameBaitGod2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Yeah it seems good, but there's a lot of reviews pending and most of them are 8 and below so I don't know :(. Wanted this to be a AAA after all the wait man. Right now on metacritic HeavyRain > Splinter Cell > Alan :(. OMG! after i raged to every 1 that those 2 where going to be AAA! Im so STEWPID!

You can give bubbles for being funny now :D! TADA!


I like the new, more specific, bubbling system.

Corepred42850d ago

I watched some guy play it on JTV, it was actually pretty cool and interesting game. Not the graphical marvel people were making it out to be but still good.

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Mo0eY2850d ago ShowReplies(4)
Dragunov2850d ago

Hype killed the game, too much for the new benchmark in graphics and storytelling

tatotiburon2850d ago

so a 9/10 isn't enough....i miss the open zone

Grown Folks Talk2850d ago

9 out of 10 is terrible. I could understand 9 out of 15 or 9 out of 20, but out of 10? I mean that TD run was ok, but it was only 90 yards.

lelo2play2850d ago

Seems like a great game. I'll be getting it.

Convas2850d ago

Someone doesn't like that fact that your free to do with your money what you will.

Taker_1292850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Am I reading these comments right? When did 9 become bad?

Morbid Bulldozer2850d ago

When Open Zone 1-bubble trolls from old N4G got their stats reset.

BeaArthur2850d ago

haha, good one. And very True.

Taker_129...fanboys and haters will do what they are best at...hating on something they know nothing about. Nine is a good score but I am actually going to hold off on this one for now. They told us it was going to be 18 to 20 hours a week ago and now, surprise surprise, it's only 10 hours long. They probably meant 18 to 20 including all the DLC they will probably have for it which is BS. I'll pick it up when the price drops.

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