SOE to Show Free Realms at E3 2010

Ironstar: Sony Online Entertainment is planning to display a demo of their upcoming title, Free Realms, at the E3 Expo next month. Free Realms is casual MMO that allows...

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Barbapapa2944d ago

they should focus on planetside next or fix the old one.

darkmurder2944d ago

Be cool if it had cross platform play.

mugoldeneagle032944d ago

I've been holding out for the PS3 version for a long while now, but want to know how it plays?

Article also mentions DC Universe and The Agency. Looks like E3 is already shaping up to be big for MMO fans. Can't wait.

cmrbe2944d ago

need to pull up their socks. Since the PS3 release they have been saying this crap forever.

KozmoOchez2944d ago

I actually kinda like the PC version of Free Realms...the small part i played. My main "job" was the card battle guy - it was pretty fun.

I thought that they should merge Free Realms with Playstation Home...that would be sweet

Raoh2943d ago

stop showing us all these mmo's, not that i was interested in free realms but

free realms
dc universe

are still no where in sight as far as a release date, not to mention a lot of people are still waiting on an Everquest 3 announcement