Nintendo Power hyping up their next issue as well

Nintendo Power says they will have "an exclusive cover story on a huge new title" and will feature "first looks of half a dozen incredible games."

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Valay2938d ago

Well, this makes me incredibly excited for E3. I'd be surprised if it was third-party (although the Official Nintendo Magazine essentially revealed Animal Crossing: City Folk before it was announced), but I'm just really interested to know what these teasers are about.

EvilTwin2937d ago

I'd really like for you to be right, but I can't see Nintendo revealing anything about Zelda before E3.

The phrasing of their statement ("In addition to an exclusive cover story on a huge new title...") doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a game we haven't seen previously, just that's it's going to be a big new game. In-depth on Other M, possibly?