Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Confirmed

Ironstar: "Earlier today, anonymous Gamestop employees sent Kotaku placeholder images for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. A while back Ubisoft confirmed that the next Assasin's Creed will feature online multiplayer...,"

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Calm Down Sunshine3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

At least this smashes the rumours of a modern day Assassin's Creed.

It's bad enough having to play as Desmond "I'm-the-most-excitin g-person-on-the-planet" Miles for 10 minutes, but forcing us to play as him throughout an entire game would just be sinister.

Eamon3029d ago

Depends. If they can do it right, a modern day Assassin's Creed could be fantastic.

I'm glad we get to play as Ezio again.

Studio-YaMi3029d ago

BEGIN! I mean really,this is not call of duty where you get a new one every single year,so why are they releasing it so soon ???

Ubisoft,don't be like Activision please..

amilimos3029d ago

what is this? Fifa???

Like really?

micro_invader3029d ago

So this is like a spin-off of the franchise, right? It won't be continuing where the 2nd one finished off?

Anyway, I'm interested in seeing what they can do with the co-op. Assassins Creed 2 is a great game, huge improvement over the first, and I still haven't finished it yet.

Kurisu3029d ago

I played and completed the original Assassins Creed, but I never bothered with the second one. It's a bit too repetative for me. But I do agree with micro_invader about looking forward to seeing what they do with the multiplayer.

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