Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Stage Demo Video

You don't want to miss out on this Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare stage demo from GameSpot's E3 2007 coverage.

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BADBOYEK44000d ago

The XBOX360 is a BEAST.

zedane334000d ago

consoles are beast

they are trying to do their best to be on top. its the battle of the beasts.

#this is coming to PS3 too!

babyhand4000d ago

Im just more impressed. And it runs at a blazing framerate. PS3 owners get both games.

sjappie4000d ago

Definately better imo. Just too bad there's only 16 people multiplayer.

BADBOYEK44000d ago

I own a PS3 and a 360 and I like Killzone,but I am not affraid to say this game kicks Killzone [email protected]@.This game is also coming to the PS3,but I am suprised that the PS3 fans will not give this game its PROPS just because it is running on the XBOX360.

360_Rules4000d ago

I bet that the 360 version is better!

P4KY B4000d ago

16 players is enough.
Any more than that and it stops feeling personal.

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Douglasp4000d ago

Funny how FPS games have taken over hu. Infinity ward knows how to make war games perfect. As for killzone. I will pass judgement till I see full reviews of it because we know how the first one turned out even though for its time had great GFX.

ER1X4000d ago

Glad we can have a discussion on the game without claiming which system it's going to be better on (sarcasm). It took all of one post to ruin this thread as I'm sure it will turn into one big sh1tstorm.

As a PS3 fan, I cannot wait to play this game and I give it MAD PROPS contrary to BADBOY's claims.

THX71683999d ago

I am going to purchase this game for both 360 and PS3 but I think that the 360 version might actually look better. The reason is that Infinity Ward already has experience with the 360 hardware. They already know how to utilize pretty much the entire power of the 360. It is their first time with the PS3 and they are just beginning to get accustomed to it.

I do like the fact thought that they are not just porting it over to the PS3 and actually developing it from the ground up for that hardware.

Also, why didn't anyone ask about online Co-Op? Has this already been confirmed or denied?