The End of Flash? Microsoft says no Flash in IE9

If you thought Apple was the only one screwing over Adobe, you should hear what Microsoft has to say. The Internet Explorer team has recently announced that version 9 of IE will only support H.264 format video via HTML5 video.

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darkmurder2910d ago

This was taken out of context obviously it'll still support Flash but theyre pushing for HTML5

hay2909d ago

Yeah, by no means Flash = HTML5 video and there's too much flash based websites or website elements to just throw it away.
Either it've been taken out of context or MS spews PR [email protected]

I sure hope websites will convert to HTML5 video from Flash(howdy Youtube), which is a hog on the resources lately.

BannedForNineYears2909d ago

Who's gonna use IE? -_-
Misleading title ftw.

Qbanj692909d ago

It's funny how people think flash will just go away, but as of right now, HTML5 can't do half the things youre able to do with flash, especially in the gaming department. What about offline applications?

I think in the long run, both will co-exist. Where html5 will be enhanced using flash.

question is... where will apple fall in all of this when they learn flash is still mainstream?

rbrtchng2908d ago

HTML 5 can do just as much, if not more, than flash, especially in the gaming department. HTML 5 is almost as deep as C#, which is the language used to make XNA 360/PC games. And using flash within HTML 5 is just stupid, completely defeat the point of HTML 5.

Flash is still mainstream, but HTML 5 is the evolution of web technology, no doubt about it. It's faster, more secure, more robust, more flexible, free, etc. It's so much better.

MetalFreakMike2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

For some reason, everyone is pushing for HTML5 now and trying to rub out flash. Apple even said they want nothing to do with flash anymore and refuse to support it on their ipad. Even tho the article I read said that apple stands to make money from this push in about 5 years, it was agreed that it would be a step in the right direction for the internet but at a price.

I really do not know if this would be good or bad but as long as we still get to play free games on our browsers and look at free clips then I am all for it.

darthv722909d ago

I think i read that html5 is easier on the browsers and can be done on portable devices much easier than flash lite. I am sure there will be some type of bridge where html5 can emu flash. Not to mention that ms has their silverlight which is similar and less resource intensive. At least from my own use.

It makes more sense for ms to take silverlight and make it do flash emu and html5 and make it the basis for their future browsers.

ThanatosDMC2909d ago

HAHAHHA! People use Internet Explorer?!

I understand if it on my HTC HD2 for being able to watch videos on but on a PC that's like asking for trojans and viruses.

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qface642909d ago

pffft who even uses IE seriously

Pennywise2909d ago

Firefox is all I need. Some sites are still incompatible with Firefox, but as time goes on there are only a few left.

darthv722909d ago

I dont know about the rest of you but i find sometimes my firefox gets really bogged down to a crawl. I am using the latest and greatest but it seems to really take up the memory resources.

I recall there being a flash bug in firefox where it would not release memory even after you are no longer on that page. I dont know but it feels like the bug is still there.

So i switch back and forth between IE 8 and firefox 3.6 when things start to get slow.

vhero2909d ago

there only gonna hurt themselves as people who use flash for whatever will just switch browsers a daft move for MS. Like facebook users for starters most facebook games use flash..

pxpxp2909d ago

I dont know why they still make it the default browser.

danielle0072909d ago

Mozilla does everything, specially with the IE tab mod, so I never even have to switch browsers when I need to deal with my router or anything.

NHDrumline172909d ago

For the most part, I use Chrome on my mac, but I agree that Firefox is still the best overall browser. Chrome has some issues on Mac OS X, and it doesn't work with Netflix and certain other sites. I use Chrome for pure speed, but I agree that Firefox is awesome.

Quadrix2909d ago

If you want pure speed, use the Opera browser. That's thing's a speed demon. It out sped Firefox and Chrome for me easily.

rexus123452909d ago

I thought IE still holds the majority of browser market share, even if it's slowly declining.
I was a loyal IE user until Chrome won me over with its speed.

BattleAxe2909d ago

I use IE only because its compatible with everything. Once Google perfects Chrome, I'll probably move over to that.

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Corrwin2909d ago

But since use of IE is at an all time low, nobody cares what Microsoft think. They've had 3 years to get people to adopt Silverlight, and I don't think I've been to a single website that uses it, except for MS' own sites that is.

ChickeyCantor2909d ago

Actually lots of companies still run I.E 6.
I.E is still widely used by many. Its ignorant to say its not used because you think it sucks xD

Chrome for me though =).

Corrwin2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

It's also a bit silly to paraphrase incorrectly. I didn't say it wasn't being used, or that it was bad - It's use is at an all time low according to the w3c it's as low as 34%, but probably around the 60% mark.

This of course would include all businesses which still use IE, though they aren't that relevant since flash or silverlight isn't the best application layer for business apps.

NHDrumline172909d ago

Netflix runs on Silverlight, which has been a huge pain with me wanting to use Chrome to stream Netflix on my Mac...

zoks3102909d ago

After all Flash have allowed us to do. Apple and MS are clearly having issues with the guys at Adobe.

FinalomegaS2909d ago

it's all good, I haven't used IE in so long and I'm sure many others could care less.

if their having issues with them why not just buy them out and do as they please =/ it's what they do best no?

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