Metal Gear Soild: Peace Walker Sneaking Towards the PS3

Ironstar: "We already know that you can download a good amount of PSP games over the PSN, but the fact that we might possibly be able to play this game over the Playstation 3 is phenomenal..."

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jashwin2942d ago

I think it's highly unlikely that this is gonna happen. But still, I have my hopes up..

Asuka2942d ago

I kinda agree with you. I know MGS:PW is suppose to be like a full fledged MGS title like its console counterparts, but i am sure there are specific mechanics about the game that gears it towards the PSP that simply wouldn't work on the PS3. Like what if Kojima does something with the built in microphone?!

Chuck Norris2942d ago

Highly unlikely to happen.

darkmurder2942d ago

Highly unlikely hope it does so I can play this in HD though!

hay2942d ago

I'd buy it for PS3 and if it'd be released, I sure hope for rendering in HD/resolution upscale and not output signal upscaling like it goes for PS2/PS1 games.

Redempteur2942d ago

i don't think it will happen either ...kojima games take pride to exploit the hardware they are on ... and peace walker was made with the psp capabilities in mind ...

avengers19782942d ago

I think it will happen, I think that Sony is looking to bring this game to as many people as they can. Not all of us have a PSP, and I wouldn't mind getting it form the PSN.

Quick question: Can you play any PSP game on the PSN on your PS3?
I should know this, but am unsure.

ReservoirDog3162942d ago

No, that isn't possible. Maybe an E3 announcement that all PSP games bought digitally through PSN are playable on the PS3 and maybe this is hinting at that? Who knows?

But no, that isn't possible.

Christopher2942d ago

Agreed with it being unlikely unless they port it to do a PS3 version on its own. The game just wouldn't look very good on a PS3 and it would likely be better for them to just take what worked in the PSP game to the next PS3 (possibly 360) release of the game.

ThanatosDMC2941d ago

Yeah, if only. Besides, it'll also be like introducing MH on the PS3, right? Damn, Capcom...

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saulx62942d ago Show
cmrbe2942d ago

I would love so much to play it on the PS3.

villevalorox2942d ago

I agree, I would love to buy this game for ps3, I mean It's like 21hrs long right?? That is fvcking epic!

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The story is too old to be commented.