Three new SOCOM 4 Screens

onPause Writes: "The team over at Zipper Interactive have released a few brand new screenshots for SOCOM 4. The images show a solider running around a level calling out orders, bit boring but the game is looking pretty good. Check them out after the jump! "

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RonyDean2911d ago

Yeah its looking really good!

knightdarkbox2912d ago

Does anyone else agree that since seeing the Playstation Move footage of SOCOM 4, their hype and expectations for the game has gone down ... It looks like they have taken SOCOM and used it to market their shitty motion controls.

happy_gilmore2912d ago

and i think the ps3 move will revolutionize the shooter genre. it will be outdo the m/k in terms of precision and efficiency.

coolcole932911d ago

How does the idea not excite you? Give it a chance; at least wait for a few more in-depth previews before deciding.

RonyDean2911d ago

After seeing the Move controls I would say im more hyped to check it out now. Never really been a fan of SOCOM in the past.

Raoh2911d ago

i'll play it, there is a socom fan deep down inside that remembers the good old days.. but i lost faith after confrontation and socom 4 with move support has me slightly worried..

it might be a good game but the socom we once knew and loved is obviously dead.. i can say that because the game has gone in a new direction and lost its Navy Seals moniker.

it is now just a shooter, a good one? possibly
the tactical 4 man squad taken from U.S. Navy Seals combat? nope

Speed-Racer2911d ago

Cant wait! Hope this is better than Call of Duty

mcroddi2911d ago

Talking about some sick new socom action! YES!

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