Red Dead Redemption 4-Player Co-Op Announced

Ironstar: Rockstar have announced that Red Dead Redemption, due for release this month, will be receiving a 4 player co-op expansion next month...

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LordMarius2845d ago

But I was hoping for local co-op :/

hay2845d ago

Local co-op would be mindblowing in sandbox game. Well, it's still better than no co-op, it's free.

bakagaijin782844d ago

I wish more games had local co-op. :(

yoshiroaka2844d ago

Yea nothing beats local co-op.
Actually sitting in the room with your buddy really adds something to a gaming experience.

It can even make bad games fun to play lol.

bjornbear2844d ago

i'm sure...not impossible though, i'm sure in the future we'll see something like this.

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mugoldeneagle032845d ago

I still dont like how this is considered "DLC", but at least it adds lots of longevity. RDR is shaping up to be a serious GOTY contender. Looking forward to seeing the reviews! The 18th isn't coming quick enough

darkmurder2845d ago

HELL YES! This game looks epic.

Pennywise2844d ago

Amazon's Preorder deal pushed me over the top to grab this game right away. If this news was out earlier, this would of been the reason! I love some COOP!

R* giving away DLC people would pay for is awesome!

ThanatosDMC2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I'm so going to "accidentally" kill my teammates... heheeh

Pre-ordered two copies some time ago all ready at gamestop. The guy said it comes with something but he was such a douche to listen to. I hope it's some worthwhile items. Though i hate exclusive content like that just for some pre-order bonus.

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sixaxis2845d ago

hell yeah, i cant wait for this game. especially eagerly waiting to see Rocksatrs new lobby system.

Mo0eY2845d ago

I preordered this game simply because it was Western and there was multiplayer. When they added all of these other modes, my jaw hit the floor and I had to change underwear for each video I watched. Now there's CO-OP?!?!?! :O

CyberCam2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Having 4 player co-op will ensure that this title lasts a lifetime! Good job Rockstar!
I can't wait to play... my pre-ordered copy is fully paid for since March.

SynysteR2845d ago

Counting down the days
Can't wait!.

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The story is too old to be commented.